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    Y'know, JJL, I can't swear I saw a parachute either, but the pod does float downward as if there's a chute, at least.

    I know the ideal time would've been ten years ago, but, man, the guy's toyetic, even if not at all realistic, his scene his memorable, and he's one of the very few podracers to do anything memorable. (I'd say Ody Mandrell, Mawhonic, and Ratts Tyrell would be the others. Teemto, cool as he and his pod are, just dies. Ratts at least gets a silly scream out before dying.)
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    I would not buy anything pod race related. Matter of fact, there's only ONE thing I'd buy Episode 1 related and that's a new 3PO with no skin. I thought he was the coolest thing about the movie and was dissapointed he didn't get more time.

    I also just doubt the pod racers (any of em) would actualy sell today, no matter if it was newy sculpted with tons of play features.

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    No... it holds no interest for me
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    Nah. Never really liked the pods as toy vehicles. Great scene in the movie, but I'm just not into owning toy podracers.

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    Sorry, but no, I would not buy this. I would be depressed that they would not come out with all of them.

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    Teemto's racer loses 5-10. I'm sorry to see this one go down, as I voted for it myself and want to do a podrace stands diorama, with about 4-5 racers going past (Anakin's, Sebulba's, and any cool looking other 3 I could fit in the display I'm designing.)

    I'll be polling other podracers, but by request, TPM polls will move on to another ship before I return to the podracers. I want to discuss specific features for each feasible podracer toy - that's why the separate polls. And like I said, I won't be polling for all 18 of them - just the ones that did something in the movie or already have an action figure (and yes, BigBarada's request for a Dud Bolt podracer poll will be acknowledged soon).

    Normally I'd have posted these results, along with a new TPM poll, but we rushed to ROTJ early because of the Hasbro Q&A on a new OT Y-wing.

    I will be letting ROTJ's last poll - the one for the Coruscant air bus go for a little longer as it normally would have, because we skipped so far ahead to do that Y-wing poll.
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