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    If it's done right, in half a heartbeat. I'd buy both versions. I might buy a third and make a custom. I LOVE the Firespray design.

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    I would have to say YES to this one.
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    while capable of transporting multiple individuals, boba's slave 1 is essential a one-man ship (same for jango, except when he's taking boba along). so from a size standpoint, i'm fine with the current one.

    bounty holding cell(s) and a slide opening ramp would be neat, but thats as much interior play as it needs. so i don't need a slave 1 with the massive ship retreatment, but some minor tweaks to the one we have would be cool. if it pushes the price past $50 i wouldn't buy it.

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    Not really. The AOTC is a stellar ship, though I much prefer the more worn and battered version of Boba's time.

    I just want a shot at the Target exclusive OTC version, for a decent price.

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    Yes, I would buy one. The existing ones are both tiny, and the new one lacks the rear door while the original has a mediocre door. The AOTC mold has almost no interior and doesn't even have a rotating cockpit, which has always seemed like a nifty feature to me. The SOTE version is the Kenner version with a better paint scheme, and while it looks good from the outside, they neglected to put ANY detail on the inside. Neither can sit flat as it did in the movie because they have handles on the bottom.
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    A new Big Jango Slave-One (and acknowledged Boba Fett repaint) wins by 12-2!

    3 people said they'd only buy Boba Fett's ESB colors for the ship, but that would still give this toy a 9-2 victory (I did not count my vote for this poll - I'm on the fence with this ship personally. I don't really need it but could be tempted. Maybe.)

    One person said they'd only buy the ship if it retailed for $50 or under.

    Even an 8-2 victory is still a victory.

    We have a winner and demand noted for a Big Slave-One or the B.S.-1 here.

    We have already gotten a lot of offerings like the BS-1 from Hasbro throughout their long history of their involvement with the Star Wars line. Why change things now?
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    I have the POTF2 Slave One, and the AOTC Slave One, so I don't need another one. But if I can find one on sale for a reasonable price, well....

    If made, I'd be curious to see what it looks like.

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    The only problem I have with a new Slave I is that I would pretty much be looking at having to purchase two of them. They'll inevitably do both Jango's version and Boba's version. I'd be annoyed to have one without the other.

    I can so almost certainly I'd eventually get both.
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    I have trouble paying for any toy over $50 (the new Y-wing looks fun but not $65 fun) but there are exceptions and this is one of them. I'd prefer the ESB colors but would buy both. I'd hope they'd space them out though as to make it somewhat more affordable.

    I really miss the lights and sounds of classic vehicles. I'd like to see every weapon this ship has featured onscreen, storage for carbonite Han, a 3 person cockpit, and cells for captured bounties. I think ratcheting joints on the wings would be neat for locking them in different positions.

    I prefer the Slave-1 as a smaller patrol and attack craft but I honestly question how much smaller it is than the Falcon in scale. Depending on AOTC or ESB it seems to be a different scale from what I remember.

    I wish someone would explaine the inflation thing to me. The figures haven't increased that much in price but with the modern articulation i think the price jumps are pretty modest. In the vehicle line though I feel it's the opposite. How is an all new mold cheaper than a re-issued or retooled mold? It just doesn't make sense to me. I do think the AOTC sculpt of Slave-1 is "good enough" but it originally retailed for $35 as did the ARC-170 and Gunship if I remember correctly and each re-release of them we see that price jump. It's not like they didn't already make their profit or have to tool a new mold. So what gives. Plastic for a new starfighter class vehicle verses a retool doesn't cut it.
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    Based on Q&A answers from (at least) two other sites, it looks like this is semi-confirmed. I still won't buy it. I think I'd rather have a zit on my left buttcheek.
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