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    [FONT=Courier New]I can't remember if I voted in this thread or not, but put me down for 2 Slave I's: 1 of each in both Jango and Boba colors.[/FONT]
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    I don't know if I'd buy an AOTC version. My first priority would be the ESB one but knowing that this one is more likely to come first...I dunno. It'd be hard to pass on I know that. I kinda would like a decent sized Slave I for the Kamino landing pad scene.

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    So, is this actually going to happen or is the whole "confirmed" thing an elaborate joke? Seriously, I have no idea what the latest news is.

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    Hasbro used the words 'We cannot confirm nor deny'...usually that means the rumour is true. And the Slave I is a pretty good candidate for Big treatment, a very action-orientated ship belonging to a very popular action-orientated character, appearing in 2 films and now Clone Wars. Not my personal favourite choice but its obvious why they might be seriously thinking of it.

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    Man, I seriously hope so. And it better not suck.

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    It would depend greatly on the price point and my finances at the time, but I'm going to go with a "yes" on this one. If done well, I'd go for it. I've got both the original POTF version (my ESB vintage from 1980 is lost to the sands of time) and the AOTC remold already, and I'd probaly give them to the kids since a big Slave 1 would be huge if done in the right scale and too large to fly around the house.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Give us Jocasta Nu first, she looks better and will sell more.
    You're kidding, right?

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    No we both seriously want Jocasta. But I want her to be super-articulated with softgoods so that Hasbro can make her Jedi Starfighter and have it come with a cargo module that can help Jocasta take library data files through outer space.
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    I suspect the two of you may need to form a support group...

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    I really don't think I could pull the trigger on this one. As far as the movies go you really only see the outside. I have no don't that if it comes out it will put the current one to show but it will also be sizeably bigger and I don't know that it will be cool enough to warrant paying $75-100 for a vehicle I was essentially happy with and don't really have room to store a replacement, although i'm thinking of a solution to vehicle storage in general. The only similar instance is BMF and that is definately worth the money but I just don't have the room but if I do find a solution to that problem I will pick it up. So essentially I'm leaning towards no but I could be amazed by the craftmanship and decide that I really want it in my collection.
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    My point was that the Slave-One is a piece of crap. Until it appeared in The Clone Wars, it had no hope of selling more than five units worldwide. Now, it might sell as many as fifteen.


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