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    Would You Buy A Big Slave-One from AOTC?

    I am continuing my 3 3/4" vehicle thread series.

    This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case a Big Slave-One From AOTC).

    I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

    I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

    So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy a Big Slave-One from AOTC?

    I would assume that Hasbro would make a Boba Fett repaint from ESB for certain once they had this mold.

    However, noting that ESB is more popular than AOTC, making Boba's ship first might be the last thing they want to do.

    Sell Jango's first and wait several years before issuing Boba's. People unable to wait will buy Jango's paint scheme and even customize it if they are so inclined. But as a corporatation, Hasbro wants to sell as many products as it can. Not having to re-tool a big ship like this and being able to sell it twice (to some) will be a great bonus to them, encouraging them to make this ship.

    Many of you own both 3 3/4" characters' ships.

    This ship would have to be based on the Expanded Universe designs shown in Incredible Cross-Sections. Except for the cockpit, the interior of Slave-One has never been seen on film.

    Rotating wings, rotating cannons on the lower end point of the ship, a pop-out double-barrel laser blaster, and a pop-out missile launcher are definite movie-viewed accessories.

    The cockpit should hold 3-4 at least. As a Mandalorian assault ship, there would be a pilot, a navigator, a communications officer, and the commander up in the cockpit of each craft.

    I don't think a rotating cockpit is really part of the actual ship's design, but was only a feature of the toys (vintage and Galactic Heroes).

    There should be at least two prisoner cages aboard for live captures, and maybe a stasis coffin that comes out of the wall for "proof of a kill." There should be probably two bunk beds aboard for crew use. And there should be storage where Han Solo frozen in carbonite could be stored when the ship belongs to Boba.

    Another launching speederbike is a confirmed EU feature that should be included.

    What else could the ship do? Well the sliding-out boarding ramp and removeable pannel for interior play both need to be there. Also, the cockpit glass should probably open like Jango Fett's ship's current incarnation.

    So do you want this made?

    What pricepoint do you see it being issued at?

    How do you think it would sell if produced?

    Are you going to support the large vehicle at its original MSRP? Especially if they release Jango's ship first, say in 2011 and Boba's repaint doesn't come out until like 2013 or something?

    If you'd wait for a Boba repaint and the Star Wars Legacy / Vintage-Style Modern line becomes further unstable, could you live without at least having the Jango Fett paint scheme?

    Finally, I know I polled for the podracers separately, but they are different molds altogether. This is the exact same ship - even in SW fiction - just repainted (probably as Jango had a Lt. rank and Boba earned his Capt. rank somehow). But do you want a separate ESB poll to ask the same question about Boba's ship, or will this one poll suffice for a Big Slave-One?
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    As much as I like the Slave I, I'd have to say "no".

    I think the AOTC version still holds up pretty well and is still one of my favorite toy ships made to date. I don't remember the price when that was new, but with inflation, that same mold today would probably be at least $50. A larger version in the scale you mention would be around $70-$100.

    Some hard core fans would be into it, but I can't see the parent's of kids wanting to spend that much. In order to generate interest in this, it would probably have to show up in the animated series. With the way they have made the Mandalorians "boring" in that show already, it would probably hurt the appeal more than help it.

    Also, the AOTC version looks pretty good next to the BMF. One in the scale you mention would make the BMF look smaller and more out of scale.

    In addition, at the higher price point, I can't see even the most dedicated fan wanting to pay for it again in the ESB scheme.

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    all depends on the sculpt, the price and the play features.....

    if this is the end all be all of Slave 1's with uber features, electronics, figures etc and the price is the medium range (hopefully under $75) then I'd say YES

    so for now put me done as a Yes.
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    The problem is, the current Slave 1 if re-released would be in the 60-75 dollar range. ANy new features could balloon this ship to 100 dollars. As much as I love Slave I, I'm not paying 100 dollars for it. Basing the design on the interior cross sections book would probably bump the cost into the 150 dollar range.

    If Hasbro could get a re-designed ship, which great features, and sounds, for under 75 dollars. I on-board...... for the ESB version.

    The features I would want that aren't on the latest version are a holding place for a carbinated Han Solo, a jail cell, and sound.
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    AOTC Slave 1? No.

    ESB Slave 1? Maybe, but it better be fan-freakin'-tastic.
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    I don't think it needs all the features Tycho describes (bunk-beds, launching speeder, four seat cockpit) but I would be really excited. I would pay $100 for a BMF style Slave I in AOTC (and then another $100 for an ESB one) gladly. I'm not Fett-fanatic but the original Slave I was one of my absolute favorite toys because it had more fun play features than the Falcon and was infinitely more "whooshable". It turns out though that that is still the only Slave I I own and it doesn't look very good compared to more modern vehicles. It's a very memorable ship, in both films, and deserves some special treatment.
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    No. The Slave-1 is ugly, and has been released too many times already. Give us Jocasta Nu first, she looks better and will sell more.
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    Tycho's suggestions would make for a really cool ship and if Hasbro made it that way, I'd probably buy it. But I don't think it would do very well as a large vehicle. It seems like a vehicle that would fit better in the mid-sized category.

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    If it was a significant upgrade like you described I'd buy it (and the ESB repaint) in a heartbeat and gladly pay the $100+ it would cost.

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    I love the 2002 one, and I'm not super enthusiastic about another, but it could be cool. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with one based on its probable Clone Wars appearance.
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