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    It's difficult to deny that it's cool, but I don't think it could be made now in a way that would really get people buying it - even if it were 2005. Given how long the ship is supposed to be, and its rather bulky design, shrinking it down to the starfighter assortment would look horrible. There is no way to properly preserve the look if changes are made for a figure to interact with it, as the canopy would be huge compared to what it's supposed to be. That said, the only way I think it'd sell at $24 is if it was made originally to be $50-65, and clearance knocked it down to the $24.

    I'd buy 5 if it was a Titanium though.
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    Okay, it does look pretty nice, T, but, still, the time where this could be made and sold passed years ago. Maybe they could get away with a mini-rig version, if the pilot were packed in, but that'd be about it.
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    Eh, I'd buy it if they made it, but I'm not asking for one. It interacts so heavily with the Invisible Hand, and I can't see Hasbro making that, so there's no real point in making it.
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    Its a pity there aren't enough characters in the word 'no'. I would have liked the dramatic effect of just that word as my response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devo View Post
    Its a pity there aren't enough characters in the word 'no'.
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    Yikes! I had no idea that thing was so ugly. No way.

    (I just realized that I set myself up perfectly for a "that's what she said" )
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    No. It's another Snoruscant design, and it serves no real play/display purpose.

    I possibly would have bought it as a Titanium, but I wouldn't have been happy about it.
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    I think Mr. JabbaJohnL hit it on the head, without the Invisible Hand, there is no need for this ship. We know we are not getting capital ships, so why bother with wasting the tooling for this one.

    I probably wouldn't buy one even if they made the Invisible Hand so my answer is no.
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    It'd be a pass for me as well. The design is uninspired and boring. I can do with out this particular ship.

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    I'd have to pass. I still don't see why they made the pilot figure.


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