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Thread: Justified on FX

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    Thought it was interesting that Carol wore torn jeans to Mags' party. Trying to blend in with the locals?

    Coover had an expiration date tattooed on his forehead.

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    Missed the ep where Helen was killed but saw the latest.

    Raylan already having his tombstone was a wake-up call for Winona.

    The finale should be good.

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    Funny article.

    And Margo Martindale won an Emmy for her portrayal of Mags. Well deserved.

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    I liked her character. Mags was definitely different.

    She add color and originality to television that is often absent of both. Then comes along Justified - and may of the other great cable network shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy (and The Shield - not to be forgotten of course!)
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    Justified Season 3 has began.

    I think Boyd went to prison on purpose as part of some plan he's hatching WITH Raylan.

    Those two are up to something.

    If they burn all that weed, it will be like setting a million-zilion Mouse Droids on fire.

    I mean, they could get the whole county high all at once. That should be a funny episode.

    But seriously, why don't they just throw a huge rave party and charge admission at the door?

    Have a diversionary crime to get the what- 6 0r 7 sheriff deputies they have in that whole county - off doing something else. Raylan and the Marshals don't handle drug traffic typically. But I'm not sure what to do about the DEA.
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    Ava's turned into Ma Barker.

    For a second, I thought Mr. Miami would last longer than one ep.

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    Ava's got some claws! Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    I can't help but laugh everytime I see David Andrews, the actor playing the Harlan sheriff. It's the haircut. He's been in a ton of other stuff, normally with a crew cut or something better than the bowl haircut.

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    I'm truly surprised more Kentuckians aren't upset about their protrayal in Justified, especially these election-related eps. I'm just waiting for some politician to start a boycott.

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    You know, it never occurred to me that Harlan was a real place, but it is! Harlan County and its seat is Harlan. The thing is, there's less than 2,000 people living there, either they're not very vocal, they have thick skins, or it really is the worst place on EARTH to live. My guess is the show takes tremendous liberties and it's nothing like that there. Singer Nick Lachey is from there, I can picture him playing one of the meth scumbags on the show.

    Hopefully tonight we won't have to see Quarles' butt again, that was an ugly little surprise (nothing personal towards actor Neal McDonough, guy-butts are just gross in general).
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    Last year a friend in Ohio was traveling to Kentucky, and since we're both fans of Justified I tried to get him to drive through Harlan. He didn't go for it.

    In regard to what they must think... well, I live in a small Oklahoma town of about 20,000+/- and from the very first episode their depiction of Harlan feels very familiar to my own town. If it's that close with a town of 20,000, then, yeah, it's probably pretty close to accuracy with a town of 2,000. While the crime is probably plenty exaggerated, I can see probability in it even here given our own problems with meth.
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