I'm totally in shock. First, the alien Bespin Guard, now this!

I stopped off at Target this morning on the way to jury duty, and almost crapped myself when I saw an employee putting out a box that contained the Cloud Car. The Snowspeeder was also there, but there was a guy who looked like a Hot Wheels collector and had on too much cologne and who got the Snowspeeder first. But I digress.

I immediately opened this bad boy. I don't normally open toys until I get home, but, for the Cloud Car, I made an exception. I'm a little disappointed. It doesn't stay in "movie mode" particularly well at all. And the little rocket launchers, well, they've introduced a new feature whereby the rocket launchers take 3 AAA batteries, which I don't get the point of.

Other than that, it's not bad. I just hope I find the Pilot soon.