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    the falcon had another large vehicle out at similar time.

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    Yes, the BMF and the AT-TE were out at the same time, but those were aimed at two different groups (OT and CW, adults and kids, however you want to look at it) and those were also different economic times.

    Again, while I don't think the big Slave 1 is out of the question I do think it's less likely to be released this year. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to admit that I'm wrong.

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    Since Slave-One is either an ESB ship or an AOTC ship, I think the next big vehicle should be Jabba's Sailbarge from ROTJ:

    ROTS: TurboTank
    ANH: Millennium Falcon
    ESB: AT-AT

    For TPM, an MTT makes the most sense as it can appear in Clone Wars and the Republic already has two large heavy weapons platforms for ground assault. (They did make that rather large Octoparra Droid though - but it's not from TPM)

    A ROTJ specific vehicle would have to be the Sailbarge. Hasbro said they don't have interest in updating the Emperor's Shuttle once again.

    As for Trek, I'd love a DS9 Dominion War toy line that you could fleet build with action-figure interacting warships - especially the smaller fighters. That might make a great live-action spin-off series, too (The Dominion Wars). It's not Roddenberry-esque, but it's what the bloodthirsty public wants since they banned feeding people to lions.
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