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    NO. The several i have are fine. it's onscreen so little you wouldn't be able to convince me it needs to be bigger.

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    No. But thanks for asking.

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    If this were to be released as an exclusive to either Target or WM, I would say yes. It would be overpriced, but exclusives go on clearance at these stores and the TIE Bomber would end up being reasonably priced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I should clarify what I said earlier. If it were to factor into the ongoing tale of Captain Frassk and come with a pack-in Frassk figure, I would buy it, as long as it costs less than $3.95.
    TIE Bombers are blunt instruments of destruction whereas Frassk and his CMT squad are more a tip of the spear infiltration and stealth unit so I don't know if he'd have one with his markings on it. As for the Frassk figure itself I'd be totally down for it.
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    I'm pretty sure I already have two, but the fact that I'm not 100% sure means that it's not my favorite vehicle and I don't really need another.
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    I'd say YES to a larger more accurate version of the Bomber....I love the POTJ version and would love to see Hasbro redo this ship and give us the end all be all of TIE Bombers.
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    I really liked the previous releases of the TIE Bomber, especially the grey version. Its one of the best vehicles Hasbro has ever made. I have no need for a super-sized version of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    I love the POTJ version and would love to see Hasbro redo this ship and give us the end all be all of TIE Bombers.
    Normally the first part of this sentence would not naturally lead to the second part.

    No, I wouldn't be interested in this. The old one is still cool and its just not important enough anyway. And you never get a sense of its scale in the film anyway. Despite what the Essential guide to Vehicles might show us as far as anyone else is aware this was no bigger than any other TIE.

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    A new TIE Bomber loses 5-10.

    I'm alright with this myself. The one we got is awesome!
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    Not sure where else to bump it....but we're getting a TIE Bomber.

    From another site.
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