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JT, thanks for the very interesting research on the gunship used in ROTJ!

I never would have known that information. Great find!

Unless there's a few crying for me to poll for it, I won't bother however. (I myself would buy one though - anything cool to add to a diorama!)

However, I've decided to run a new OT Y-Wing as a final ROTJ poll, instead of ANH one. I've got one other vehicle for ANH, and then I can pretty much end every OT poll all at about the same time (this final, last time through).

The PT has a few more ships to poll for and of course the EU has a great library to run through from Republic, KOTOR, TOTJ, NR, DE, HTTE, RS, SOTE, TFU, and more CW, amongst any others I see having merit to add (or get requested).
Tycho would love to see you do a poll for the ROTJ Y-Wing..... one of my favorite Rebel Ships...and perhaps we could finally get an all grey Y-Wing with exclusive Grey Leader "I'm Hit" figure. would totally drop the $70.00 price tag on it.