This past Saturday, May 1st, Middle Tennessee received very little of the new Expanded Universe Toys R Us wave. We went to the Cool Springs Toys R Us right at 9 when they opened, and discovered they did not even receive the new wave. We did discover that after the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale price and the $2.50 off each figure sale, you can get 2 figures for $6.81 after tax.
So we decided to call another store across town and they has now idea about the new figure launch either. We decided to go there anyway to find more cheap figures. As we were looking, 2 employees asked my partner and I if we needed help. We told them what we were looking for the new wave and they said they were getting ready to set the endcap. 2 minutes later, the 2 employees brought out 3 cases (this is all they had received) and there were the new figures.
We were able to even get these at the sale price for $6.81 for 2 figures; so it was not a bad day since Middle Tennessee is currently under water from flooding. We called other stores in the area and each store also said that they did not receive anything just like the Cool Springs store. Apparently, for now, these are going to be hard figures to find and who knows the quantity these will be made in. We were also able to find the Force Unleashed 5 packs at the sale price on Friday before the sale went off on Saturday. The good news is, the $2.50 off figures will e in effect until 7/13/10 as it says on the sale stickers.