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    I just totally lucked into my last YVH part!!!

    So, I used the 20% off/free shipping code from HTS to order two GIJoe: Rise of Cobra vehicles I still needed. I have a half-done TIE Pilot Han Solo custom, and needed a Han with a ball-jointed head to finish him off. They had the goofy Han with half a Stormtrooper suit I've passed on before on sale, so I tacked him onto the order. I figured I'd either use the rest for parts, or give my daughter a Frankenstein Biggs Darklighter/Han Solo, and I'd wind up with some common BAD part for trade.

    It just showed up, and HOLY CRAP! he's an older repack version of the figure with the elusive left arm for my YVH droid!

    I am a very happy camper, because I'd just about given up on this. Now I have an army of one YVH droid to help Jacen, Jaina, and Luke fight the one Yuuzhan Vong figure!
    That's my jacket!

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    In my experience, there's no such thing as luck.

    (I wrote Hasbro personally to ask them to give you that specific part. You're welcome.)
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    Sweet! Between that and paying that guy to throw the daschund in front of that car, you've really made my day today.
    That's my jacket!

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    was there a Howlin' Ewoks t-shirt included in the shipment?

    I believe JJL asked them to send you one of those, as well.


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