I am taking a detour from our next scheduled movie to run a vehicle poll from (TPM) in light of the latest Q&A with Hasbro:

JediTempleWarRoom.com: Back in an August 2009 Q&A session Hasbro stated that an upgraded Original Trilogy Y-Wing was in the works for 2010. Might this version finally represent the Grey Squadron from RETURN OF THE JEDI, or could this version be from A NEW HOPE with a mission to "Stay on Target"?

Hasbro: Here we don't have such good news. We had been working on a new Y-Wing, but this was dropped from the plan as retailers decided to scale back on Star Wars exclusives for 2010. We do think that we will have an opportunity for a new version in 2011 or 2012. So the question back to your fans is "which one would you most like to see us do next?" Let us know what folks think.
This is our final close-out poll for ROTJ. I could have made the poll for ANH, but I have something else planned for that film's final poll.

However, you can vote for a Y-wing from ANH or ROTJ - please specify in your post.

I am not going to stay on the sidelines for this one myself, and strongly support a Grey Leader figure packed in with the ROTJ Y-wing fighter!

The figure is of an Asian-actor pilot I believe, wearing a Gray Squadron uniform and similar to the 1999 Rebel Pilots 3-pack mistake Hasbro dubbed as Arvel Cryynyd - who was a Green Squadron A-wing Pilot as everyone now knows since Hasbro corrected that mistake for the 2009 toy line (Wal-Mart exclusive I think).

The Y-wing? It would be larger than the original mold they've been releasing, and more on the scale of the late Clone Wars Y-wing release, but an all-new sculpt (it has to be). The Y-wing would fire 4 missiles (two from the front nose guns, and 2 from hidden side-of-the-cockpit torpedo tubes). The real ship shot the latter and the front projections were actually laser guns. The cockpit would probably be a 2-seater like the CW version. Perhaps you could put a targeting computer package in the rear seat for ANH scenes. The droid socket would be fully accessable to any astromech droid from the 3 3/4" line.

I think the bomb bay doors should open underneath the ship - similar to how the missiles launchers open up on the top of the new CW Y-wing. But with lower doors, you can carpet bomb. I recommend having at least 4 bombs below - maybe 2 on each side or more, for single-shot release.

I still think the ANH Gold Squadron markings would be fine for this ship even if it came with the ROTJ Gray Leader pilot figure.

What do you think?

Do you want a new OT Y-wing Fighter?

What color scheme would you want on the Y-Wing?

Do you want a pack-in pilot figure? Who?

I honestly think by Hasbro's Q&A answer, that this ship would not be released with a repaint / re-issue in mind. It would be too costly and more obscure than say a new larger Slave-One, which is nearly a main-character's ship whereas Jango / Boba repaints would prove more popular than say Dutch Vander and Gray Leader's ships. (EU retcon's Colonel Horton Salm was Gray Leader, but Salm is an aging, balding white guy, and the movie showed a younger Asian Y-wing pilot with the line "I'm hit!" - though perhaps he was not Gray Leader after all. In any event, I'd rather have the younger Asian pilot that actually appeared in the film (in the correct uniform this time) than Col. Salm - who could be released later as an EU figure from the Rogue Squadron novels and comics.

Anyway - we could be looking at another $70 Y-wing. Would you buy?