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    Would You Buy A New N-1 Starfighter From TPM?

    I am continuing my thread series.

    This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case A New N-1 Starfighter From TPM).

    I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

    I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

    So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy A New N-1 Starfighter From TPM?

    This poll is being offered by request. It has been 10 years or so since an N-1 has been available in the stores.

    The vehicle would probably NOT come out in the $24 starfighter assortment.

    While you can vote for a re-release of the original (please specify), the poll request was for an all-new N-1, definitely larger than the original, with a working droid slot for an astromech figure that would fit on board the ship.

    I'm sure the Anakin pack-in flight controls would be included this time, in a Brian Mertens resculpted cockpit.

    The sound effects and green laser lights would stay, as would the torpedo launcher.

    I don't think anything else would be required with this ship. A potential pack-in figure would be a generic Naboo pilot with a softgoods trenchcoat. With a higher price point, they could offer a new astromech with the ship, too.

    Diorama builders could buy multiples and just use those figures in their Naboo hanger battle if they wanted to add Anakin / R2D2 or Ric Olee / R2-A6 to their scenes (or Padme Pilot and Typho and their droids from AOTC).

    Any other features you want on it?

    Why would you NOT want it?

    How do you think it would sell if produced?

    What price point would the ship alone go for?

    What price points would the ship with 1 or 2 figures retail at?

    How do you want it served up?
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    Ten, or even five years ago, I'd say a better go at the Naboo Fighter would be a good thing. However, it's really been forgotten with the continued absence from any prequel-era significance aside from TPM (and explosion fodder in AOTC), it's unlikely that a new version would do all that well - especially one that takes up more space. The one we've had for 11 years now is still adequate for the ship, which was really an inadequate addition to the saga, suffering heavily from "look at what we can do!"

    I would say the current version is fine and an exclusive repaint is probably its only hope for a new release. Some decent weathering, glue in the Pilot Anakin's control piece, and pack in a new pilot is most likely the best that could be expected, and even then I'm not sure it'd really do all that well.

    One problem with a larger version is that the current one is already obnoxious to hold for any of the play features. It's not really heavy, but the awkward aesthetics leaves you hopelessly looking for a decent grip, and making it larger and heavier would definitely worsen that. So, with more space being required, and not easily being able to interact with it, I probably wouldn't buy it.

    I really think Hasbro did their best the first time around for the N1, which turned out as nice as it could with the overzealous stylization that Lucas demanded for the ship design.
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    I'd buy one as i skipped the intial offering from the TPM line years ago. so YES for me.
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    Well, it would require a few things for me to consider it:

    1. vac-metalized "chrome" underside and not just silver paint

    2. there is no way that an astromech droid would fit in that droid slot, so just make the socket compatible with the BAD heads, so collectors could at least add in some variety if they choose to purchase more than one.

    Number 1 is a must for me to consider purchasing it, number 2 would just be gravy. However, if both of these features are added (along with a new SA Pilot as Tycho described), then this would be a yes from me.
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    With an interchangeable droid slot I'd get two. I thought this was such a sleek design. It needs to be redone at the very least rereleased (though I'd be disappointed with that option).
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    I would gladly buy another, and I don't really care if it's a rerelease or a resculpt. The main thing I'd be looking for is a different droid in the droid socket - preferably R2-A6, so then it could work for either Ric Olie in TPM or Captain Typho in AOTC.
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    I don't think I'd buy either a re-release or a resculpt personally, and I don't think a resculpt is necessary. However, it's been, what, eleven years since this was available? It definitely needs a re-release. Either a different droid head, if possible, or BigB's idea about the interchangeable droid heads would be ideal. Vac-metal is preferable to silver paint.

    I will add a caveat: if this were reasonably priced, and came with a totally unique Naboo Pilot (fat guy, black dude, or old lady), I might cave and buy it. Of course, I'd hope at least one more Naboo pilot is released carded before the line ends.
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    Yes, it's an odd design but fits with weirdo prequel fighter tech and there should be more variety.

    The cockpit on the existing ship is too small, it's designed for Lil Anakin figures and makes stuffing other pilots in VERY difficult. I'd like to see more foot room if nothing else, and the removable controls that clipped on were pretty good so that too. More space in general would be better than just recycling it though.

    The astromech dome should be interchangeable with the BADs domes, there's no physical way to get an astromech body into the Naboo Fighter, the Incredible Cross Sections has to telescope the head AND alter physics of the legs to get the body into the ship at all, and then the feet are literally intersecting the body in their drawing:

    We've asked for a vac-metalized front end, I'd like to see that. I'd also like to see the cockpit canopy slide open rather than hinge forward.
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    If I get into a prequel toy mood again this is one I'd definitely go for. I don't mind the old one but it would need chrome front and underside, anakin pilot's controls as standard and the option to switch astromech heads to be really worthwhile.

    Even better would be the redone ship Tycho proposes.

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    I agree with JT. The old one needs a bigger cockpit so it can accomodate full size figures and also needs to accomodate BAD droid heads. Vac-metalizing the body would be a plus as well. So, I'd be up for one.


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