At a comics/toys shop (still trying to find that new The Star Wars comic) today, I bought an old Pirates Starting Lineup figure (pitcher Mike Dunne, BTW) and an Alpha Flight comic. Brought them up to the cashier; computer was running slow, and the guy apologized (I told him to not worry about it). Then, the amount was overcharged (again, I said, "no problem" as he was checking and correcting the error). I decided NOT to pay by credit card, in case more issues arose, so I handed him a $20... the change was wrong for a twenty OR a ten. He didn't think I had given him a Jackson, "and I can prove it," he said. Opened the cash drawer... and saw the $20. I got my correct change, but no other words from him. And to top it off, when I opened the comic at home, it was a 2nd printing. I don't think I will be back for a long, time.