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Thread: Toughest game

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    Gold Medal Tips

    Death Star Attack
    Recommended Ship: X-Wing

    As soon as the level starts, take out the deflection tower. Make a 90 degree turn and take out the other one, as well as the small turret next to it. Continue on, and take out yet another, as well as the 2 small turrets near it. Go to the next one and take out 3 turrets. The next one has 1, and the last one in this line has 3. Make about a 100 degree turn to the left, and take out the 2 on your way. Then take out this tower and its 2 guarding turrets. Aim a bit to the right, and take out the final tower in this line and the 6 turrets around it. Make another 90 degree turn to the left, and youll be told theres 2 more to go. Take out the final 2 deflection towers and as many defending turrets as you can. If you hear base 1 say, "We're running out of time!" you may want
    to consider restarting.

    For the next section with the TIEs, it's pretty much pure skill. At the start make a 90 degree turn to the left, and dive to take down a gun on your way. You should see a 5 fighter squad. Since the TIEs behave randomly, I can't help you after that. But if theres a long distance between you and the next squad, feel free to take down guns on your way. You can also use 3 seeking torpedoes at your liesure. Use the 4th torpedo on the last fighter. As soon as you fire it, dive down and kill as many guns as you can before you switch to the trench.

    At the start of the trench, close your S-foils until you come into range of the guns. You really need to move fast here, yet you also need to take down as many guns as possible. Never, ever hit the brakes. Hopefully youll take down about 3/4s of them. In fact, the only time you should brake is when the TIEs attack you. When Vader attacks, fire as many shots as you can into him. He should make 2 passes on you. When he approaches for the 3rd. time, don't bother to slow down. Close the S-Foils and move. Han should approach shortly and destroy him if you've kept your speed up. After Han attacks it should be a straightaway to the exhaust port. If its not, your in trouble. That leaves you 2 torpedoes to fire at the exhaust port, just in case you miss.

    Imperial Academy Hiest
    Recommended Craft: Y-Wing

    In order to get the gold here, it is recommended you do this mission in the day, so you have the Y-Wing. If its not day, you can always set your Gamecube's clock to morning.

    On the approach ionize every sensor, but try to keep your speed up. Once you get to the last sensor, take the canyon to your right. You'll appear in an imperial base. Fly around to every platform and drop 2 bombs on each - one on both sides. This will take down the parked fighters, making your job easier and earning kills. Do this for all 3 platforms, then move towards your objective. You'll appear in another base. Bomb all 3 platforms again. Finally head for your objective again and you'll be at the academy. If you've been here before you know theres lines of parked fighters. Laser about 4 rows of them. Save at least 2 rows on the left quadrant while approaching though - you can
    destroy those with the shuttle while fleeing. Also, bomb all 8 guns. Four are around the tower, another 4 by the shuttle. Steal it, and laser the 2 remaining rows on your way out. Head to the objective, but use the rear gun sparingly. You need to keep accuracy high. In fact, if you think you'll make it without being destroyed, don't use it at all.

    Battle of Endor
    Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

    There isn't a whole lot to say about the first part of this level, since it's just one huge dogfight. Keep your wings in formation and immediatly turn around at the mission start to head for the fighters. Kill as many as you can. Eventually that annoying lady from the medical frigate will gripe at you. Send off your wings after the fighters. Dogfight until the TIE Bombers show up. Take out as many as you can on the first run, and follow up by taking out some more. Then just go back to dogfighting whoever you see. When Lando says the frigate isn't going to last much
    longer, go kill the TIE Bombers.

    On the second part, close your S-Foils (if you are the X-Wing) and head after the Star Destroyer. Keep your wings in formation. Wait until the large squadron of fighters passes under you, then tell your wings to go engage them. Open your S-Foils (if you are the X-Wing) when you get in range and make a run on the first generator. Don't slow down though. Fly over the generator to the back of the ship, get a fair distance away, and turn around. Hold in the brake and kill both generators. The Star Destroy is focused on everything else so probably won't even fire back. Dive straight down, then come up for the last generator. Swing back around to the bridge and destroy it.

    Your shields probably aren't in the greatest of shape here, but your allowed one death. Head off to the second Star Destroyer and use the same strategy, or just ram the bridge kamakaze style right off if you still have that one life. When it goes down, you should have time to fight a couple of TIE Interceptor Squadrons before the mission ends. Use seeker torpedoes on them if you have any left. Also try to take out a few guns and turbolasers on the Star Destroyers if you can.

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    I remember vreezing through Zelda 2 when it came out. But Festers Quest was insanely hard.

    I had a devil of a time beating Adventures of Bayou Billy.
    That game was rough.

    Karnov - NES, my friend and I took turns sleeping while the other played. I think it took us almost 24 hours to beat it. That game had like 3,000 levels, but thank God for unlimites continues.

    Solomans Key - NES. It started easy but got insane quickly. Very fun and addictive though.

    Target Earth - genesis. Thsi game is impossible. The best day of my life was when I found the cheat codes to this game. It had a cool story too.

    Captain Novaline - SNES - Oh, you meant hardest to beat. This game is so bad, it was very hard to play.

    Night Trap - Sega CD - I don't believe anyone ever beat this game without cheating. You had to be in the exact right place, 1000 times, 2 seconds apart. It was hard even with the guide right in front of me.

    Ghosts N Goblins - NES - Hard. To me anyway.

    Castlevania - NES - Grim Reaper took me forever to beat.

    That's all I can think of for the moment. I thought I would add some different ones to the list.

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    my dad would play Festers quest just about every weekend, and get to the very last boss every time, but he never beat it. i think he gave up.
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    I agree with evil dead
    anyone ever played blade or spiderman for playstaion? they're pretty tough too I think, never wanted to play long so never came past level 1 !!!

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    Thumbs up

    I Played the N64 version of spiderman, the hardest part for me was at the end, when u are being chased by the Octomonster. Boy that was hard. Getting all the comics was tough but fun too.
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    My list of the hardest games:

    Jedi Power Battles - PSX
    This game was impossible to finish with all of the characters, I only managed to finish it with Mace and Obi-wan


    Driver and Driver 2
    The final levels of these games were next to impossible to finish, took me hundreds of tries.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Rogue Leader without a memory card to save your game.
    try beating MGS2 without a Memory Card. it took him a while, but my uncle did it. of course, he had my help.
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    Originally posted by Sith Worm
    I would have to go with the Playstation2 version of Grand theft auto III. I wish they would release A Star Wars game in this format were you have to work for the Empire or the Rebellion , or both and have to steal ships and drop them of to the other side. It would be awsome the game play would be limitless being chased by stormtroopers instead of cops, having to hunt down and snipe Imperal officers from roof tops, limitless...
    well they are coming out with a bounty hunter game, where you hunt down people and sell them...kinda close...
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    Getting the platinum medals in Battle for Naboo is tough!! Still...i am missing one gold medal also, "Panakas diversion" any tips??
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    Originally posted by Lobito
    Getting the platinum medals in Battle for Naboo is tough!! Still...i am missing one gold medal also, "Panakas diversion" any tips??
    Getting Platinums aren't too hard. I got 15 Platinums in one week. You just have to know the various tricks of the trade.

    For Panaka's Diversion, use the Gian speeder. At the start, fire at the four droid in front of you, and run over any that you missed. Go to the left of the fork, and take out the two droids there. You will pass some droids near some bushes. Destroy them while charging up your laser. Around the bend, far down the street will be an AAT. You need to take this guy out as quickly as you can. When it's gone, go to where the walls end, look right and nail the AAT there. Take out the two battle droids against the wall. Now, across the river will be an AAT. You can destroy it, but you'll need to have to start charging your laser right after you destroyed that second AAT. You can also skip over it, and evade its lasers while going along the dock. I prefer to take it out. Take out any battle droids you see.

    A cutscene will break in showing Group Two is under attack.
    While you're going to Palmer's Predicament, you will have to destroy some bars. Either let Kohl do that for you, or just go past them without destroying them. The first one you can pass right through if you are next to, and parrallel, with the wall to your left. The second one can be passed if you destroy the pots with your lasers. The final one can be destroyed with a slightly charged shot. You should destroy some battle droids after passing through the first gate. At the second one, just go right through. You'll eventually come to two droids next to a downward slope. Take them out, charge up your laser, go down the slope and take out the AAT. Knock out the two droids on the bridge and destroy the gate. Expose yourself just a little onto the bridge, far enough to where you can see the AATs on either side, but not so far as they can see you. Take them out then quickly move on. Ahead, you can either go up a slope or to the right. Go up the slope, and
    take out the droids. While going through the tunnel, take out all the droids before Kohl can (this is why you should try and stay ahead of him instead of waiting for him to destroy the gates. Stop when you can see an AAT (just before you reach the turn). From here, take out the droid by the bush and get next to the wall, you can take out both Droidekas and then both AATs attacking Palmer.

    When Palmer begins thanking you, go left, past the two remaining droidekas there. Now you'll be making your way to the courthouse. Charge up your laser. When you see the second section of trees, there will be two AATs coming. Destroy them. Shoot the dome and the statues to increase your accuracy as you are going to the courthouse. When you get into the courthouse, you will probably be a bit low on health. Take out the enemies in this order:

    * The first AAT when you come in.
    * The two battle droids on the lower level.
    * The second AAT.
    * The destroyer droids.
    * The battle droids left on the upper level.

    When they are all gone and the commandos come in (the big green rectangle), go immediately toward Kelsia Plaza. Take out the two battle droids on the way, and then stop just before you enter the plaza. From here, take out all the battle droids and the destroyer in the plaza, being as accurate as you can possibly be. When they're all gone, Go into the center of the plaza, and take aim at the door. Fire your primary and secondary weapons repeatedly at the door until it explodes. This serves as a great accuracy increaser. Plus it will save you more time than waiting for the commandos.

    Now, simply go to where Panaka is, charge up your laser along the way, and take out a tank. Go into the plaza and destroy the other three, and take out a few battle droids while you're at it. Congratulations, you have just gotten one of the hardest golds or platinums, if you were even luckier, in the game.


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