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Thread: Toughest game

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    Just go to this walkthough and to the secrets section to play levels 11, 12, 13, 14 and play characters: DARTH MAUL, QUEEN AMIDALA, CAPTAIN PANAKA.

    Maul is the best character and level 14 is insanely hard! I made it to the last group of badies only once.

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    Originally posted by billfremore
    I managed to free up Amidala and Panaka when I played but all I really want to know is:

    How the heck do you beat this freakin' hard game with all the characters?

    I tryed forever to beat it with Plo Koon, but he just does not move fast enough to beat Maul. You definately need speed to beat Maul.

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    That I agree with, obi-wan and mace were realitively easy to beat him with.

    I cannot believe this game has absolutely no cheats.
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    Originally posted by Lobito
    What about Racer for the N64 Lord Malakite?? Did u got all the 1st places in all the races?? I did, but it took me forever...specially the tracks that look like a roller coaster. Also there's a track that looks like a swamp that was really tough. I forgot the names of the tracks, but i'm sure u know which ones i'm talking about.
    I know which ones you are talking about. Of the races and circuits I've completed so far, I have all first places. Unfortunately, racing games aren't particularily one of my strong points when it comes to video games.

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    gta3 was so easy!
    i'am also pretty good at racing games and also podracer is hard but i never had to restart a race..cant wait for racer revenge!
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    i agree that swamp level is imposible. it is the hardest level in the game. i have a ps2 is jedi power battles worth buying. it sounds pretty cool
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    You know, the last level of halo is sort of hard. I can't really think of the last really hard game I played was...
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    JPB is complete trash. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    Well despite that fact I'd still like to finish the freaking game anyways.
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    Just finished the rest of the races that I needed for Episode I Racer. Now I have 1st. place in all the races and circuits like you Lobito.


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