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Thread: Toughest game

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    I gotta agree with Boba Rhett on the JPB thing. I couldn't get past the 3rd level because it made me nasueous. But I am sure it is hard to beat, since the camera angles are atrocious.
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    Atari...... Raiders of the Lost Ark could never get past the branch screen.
    Nintendo-Legacy of the Wizard. Really fun, but tough.
    Super N- Super Contra
    N64- Rougue Squadron
    Gamecube-Super Smash Bros Melee. Hand aches.
    PC- Bad Mojo
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    Just finished the rest of the races that I needed for Episode I Racer. Now I have 1st. place in all the races and circuits like you Lobito.
    Thats great LM!! I'm still trying to get the platinum medals for Battle for Naboo, (i have just 2 platinum medals) but i'm getting there.
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    BTW... this one is for those of u who have Gauntlet Dark far i've completed the game, but i am missing 1 secret character...but since this character is hidden in the end of the game...(1 level b4 the last fight with Garn) do u know any strategies to unlocking this character without cheating???
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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong

    Ghosts N Goblins - NES - Hard. To me anyway.

    Castlevania - NES - Grim Reaper took me forever to beat.
    Those 2 stand out to me as well. I knew plenty of people who managed to somehow skip to the end of Ghosts N Goblins and wax Satan, but I never met anyone who could get all the way through.

    The first Castlevania was really difficult as well. I never had the NES advantage so I couldn't slow down with the Grim Reaper.
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    Yeah, it took me forever to beat those two games. I mean, years for Ghosts N' Goblins.....and close to that for Castlevania. I had an advantage, and the Grim Reaper was STILL tough!

    I went crazy when I finally beat him. Dracula wasn't as tough as he was.

    Ghost's N' Goblins has cheat codes, but when you used them, you had no armor. Only way I could beat Satan was to get there with tons of power ups.
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