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Thread: Toughest game

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    Question Toughest game

    Of all the games u guys have played in all the systems (PC included) what was the toughest game to beat??

    I can think of Rocky for the master system..b4 getting a rapid fire controller...i did beat the game winning by decision against Drago.

    Phantasy star was also a tough cookie. Rougue Squadron had a Y-wing mission that was almost impossible to get the gold medal.

    The control room in James Bond Golden Eye for the N64 was alos extremely difficult.

    Your thoughts...
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    Evil Dead: Hail to the King comes to mind. A great concept, but horrid controls and difficult monsters made this an excercise in frustration. I got about halfway through it, and ran into a boss I couldn't beat. Then I gave up.

    Zelda 2 for NES is another one, very difficult if I remember correctly.
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    Isn't it ironic, the hardest games to beat are usually the crappiest made.

    Here are some that I have played and found difficult to beat:

    IRONSWORD: Wizards and Warriors II - (NES)
    Metal Mech - (NES)
    Dragon Power [Dragon Ball] - (NES)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - (NES)
    Jurrassic Park - (NES)
    Jurrassic Park - (SNES)
    Jurrassic Park 2: Chaos Continues - (SNES)
    Friday the 13th - (NES)
    Adams Family Values - (SNES)
    Batman - (NES)
    Batman Forever - (SNES)

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    I agree. Evil Dead is a complicated game to play due to the horrible controls. I got really frustrated with the game and gave up because of the difficult game play.
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    Rogue Leader without a memory card to save your game.
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    Also forgot about SW Force Commander. Is it just me or was that game incredibly hard to control? Didn't like it in the least.
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    Has everyone forgot about The Addams Family: Festers Quest?!?!?!?!?! That game was so confusing, controls were . . . well I can't say that word here, and the gameplay was terrible!!!! Plus it was on the NES. Another one I can think of off the top of my head is Brigidine for the PS. That game is amost impossible to play through and beat!!

    *Sigh* many Hours of my life have been wasted on just those two games.

    OH!!! Another was the Star Wars game that came out for Sega's 32X. I thing it was just called Star Wars. The graphics on that were bad even for that time. There was no possible way to get past level 3 without a second player!!
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    I would have to go with the Playstation2 version of Grand theft auto III. I wish they would release A Star Wars game in this format were you have to work for the Empire or the Rebellion , or both and have to steal ships and drop them of to the other side. It would be awsome the game play would be limitless being chased by stormtroopers instead of cops, having to hunt down and snipe Imperal officers from roof tops, limitless...
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    I agree with Fester's Quest whole-heartedly...the toughest game for me and still is today is Blaster Master for NES... I still try to beat it but to no game as well.
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    Here are more:

    Sega Master System...

    Maze Hunter 3-D
    Thunder Blade
    Blade Eagle 3-D
    After Burner
    Space Harrier
    Miracle Warriors


    The SUPERMAN version from sunsoft was extremly hard...i got to the end, but i never finished it.
    Batman returns for the Sega CD
    JAGUAR X for the Sega CD


    Getting all the challenge points in Shadows of the empire.
    Getting all the gold medals in Rougue Squadron
    Getting all the stars in SuperMario64
    Getting all the objects (pieces of puzzle, etc.) in both banjo games.
    Solving the riddles of the Zelda games. Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask.

    Game cube...

    Getting all the gold and platinum medals in Rougue Leader...(I'm still working on that!!) I'm just missing the Gold in Death Star Attack, Imperial Academy Heist, and Battle of Endor...any tips for getting the gold here would be really appreciated.
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