With the purchases of Marvel Universe Punisher and Wolverine Origins: Deadpool, I went from a casual consumer to a massive consumer of Marauder Gun Runners' excellent 1:18 scale accessories. Having purchased so damned many guns for Punisher, I decided he needed a place to store/display all of these weapons.

To that end, I'm working on an armory. My design was partially inspired by the armory scenes from Boondock Saints I & 2 and partially by ender098's armory here: JoeDios.

The first part of the task I'm putting myself to is the gun rack. It's made out of 1/32" thick styrene. I cut it with scissors and glued it together. At this point I plan to fill all of the imperfections where styrene didn't quite meet styrene and hit it with some paint. I'm using a roll of weather stripping which I plan to cut grooves into to secure each weapon. My design will have fourteen separate sections with four guns in each for a total of fifty-six guns.

A selection of guns will be displayed on the walls, and there will be a counter set against each wall to accommodate the accessories (ammo boxes, magazines, attachments, etc.) for the weapons above them. The counter will also hold MREs, gas masks, crates of grenades, etc. and incorporate shelves and (hopefully) lockers. As in ender098's dio, four tables in the middle will hold some of the larger weapons. Four seems to work pretty well.

Anyway, WIP pic.

You can see the rack will be double-sided. For scale, the base is 1/2" tall.

I originally planned to put a bed in the armory as though it doubled as a safehouse/place to crash for Punisher, but I decided against it. Without the bed (mostly having to plan where to put it), it can better double as an armory for Joe figures and others. The gun rack is not fixed to the floor, so I may steal it to use in a smaller version which will have the bed and act as a place to crash or lie low.

I also plan to make a self storage unit packed with crazy **** for Deadpool and the weapons I got for him, an alley to display "urban" heroes like Spidey and Daredevil, an X-Mansion facade for displaying X characters, and the most ambitious project: an Iron Man armory. Hopefully by the time I get to the Iron Man armory, the other projects will have taught me the ins and outs of working with styrene.