This got brought up in another thread, and I figured it warranted more discussion (anything to break up the myriad of "would you buy this unlikely vehicle" thread that have overfilled this forum ).

First up is Kazdan Paratus, the mad little Jedi Master on Raxus Prime, he's the same race as Ratts Tyerell. After Order 66 went down, it drove him mad, he went to the junk planet, built himself a set of spider limbs, a lightsaber lance, a junk version of the Jedi Temple, and junk versions of the Jedi council with whom he wished to protect. A figure of him wouldn't be difficult, but I'd love to see them include a junk Yoda and another junk Jedi master as well.

Another from Raxus Prime would be a Rodian Heavy Defender or maybe a Rodian Ripper, although the Ripper's topless costume is a little odd and steampunk.

I'd like to see Hasbro do a Scrap Guardian but a little more scrap and less "random polygons" than the game version.

I'm not sure about a Purge Trooper, I really hated them in the game, they were probably the cheapest thing about the game all by themselves, and their design seemed a little far afield for Star Wars, but they might make good figures... maybe?

Hoth Starkiller, that was a pretty cool variant of our protagonist.

So, what else would you guys like to see? More Starkiller figures? I could be on board with that.