This October 29th, 30st and 31st the Central Canada Comic Con will once again be taking place at the Winnipeg Convention Center in Manitoba's Capital. Weekend passes for this years convention are $30, with single day passes costing $15 each($20 for the preview night)

Celebrity Guests Thus Far Announced:
Ray Park(G.I.Joe)
Ilya Salkind(Superman)
Jack O'Halloran(Superman)
Orli Shoshan(Star Wars)

Comic Guests Announced Thus Far:
Alex Milne(Transformers)
Marcio Takara(Incredibles)
Dave McCaig(Star Wars)
Marc Wolfe(Star Wars)
Tommy Castillo(Horror)
Norm Breyfogle(Batman)
Ronda Pattison(Star Wars)
Yanick Paquette(X-Men)
Scott Kolins(The Flash)
Andrew Wildman(G.I.Joe & Transformers)
Marc Wolfe(Star Wars)
Lovern Kindzierski(Star Trek)
Chris Chuckery(Star Wars)

As well C4 will have all the annual events people have really grown to enjoy. Two costume contests, video gaming, RPG and Miniature gaming, an art auction, panels, workshops, exclusive movie veiwings and more.

The Manitoba chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club will be out in force as well. Oppurtunities will abound for people to get pictures taken with awesome characters from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Watchmen. Halo, Video Games and more!