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    Downsizing my 3 3/4"collection never felt so good!

    Hey everyone.....! Just moved to a new place and told myself that my carded figure collection would get downsized enough to fit in a small walk in closet (using a guest room as my 'Geek room')

    I had 35 long boxes normally used for comics....i downsized it to about 50% Dumped most of the first 5 waves of figures - kept just the original trilogy stuff with some rid of 98% of the prequel figs and all clone wars stuff - have some of it loose only

    Damn, felt good to do, gotta see if Toys for Tots does a year round pick up!

    Ever just get to that point where the hobby overtakes you? Still love collecting...and am pumped for the new Vintage wave this year, but love the fact that I actually have room to pick some pieces up that I will truly dig!
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    I have 2 storage units full, and I've been renting a neighboring unit (my 3rd one) to sort and inventory the other 2. I will be finished by June.

    That feels good. I will know what I have for my dioramas and what I could still use (or what I want Hasbro to make that doesn't exist yet - like Cliegg Lars and Jocasta Nu action figures for exciting recreations of farm work and library research in the 3 3/4" action figure scale!).

    The same goes with 12". How a Sideshow Bacara and Galactic Marine would rock!

    Yeah, I'm nearing the end of my collecting days I think. The new stuff looks great, but I've really amassed most of what I've always wanted. So I'm good.
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    I've never done this so I have no clue how I'd feel after the fact.

    I do have some things that I definitely know I wouldn't miss and the rest of my stuff probably has different degrees of personal importance. Most important to me is my OT Star Wars stuff and my Terminator, predator, Alien and Robocop stuff from various companies - then my Hot Toys Batman and other superhero figures....below those my PT Star Wars stuff, and everything else I've bought over the years. So if I were to offload anything it'd first be those least important things obviously...but do I want to do that? Not right now.

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    I've done three significant downsizes and they've all felt pretty good. The first one in 2000 when I went through a major career change. I got rid of a lot of things then that I ended forgetting about getting rid of. The second was in 2002 when I moved to another state. The third was in 2005 rright before I got married - had to make room for a family. About two years ago when my step-daughter decided she liked Star Wars I gave her a lot of the old POTF figures I still had. Each time I run across stuff I forgot I bought and really don't care for anymore. I'm about due for a downsize again. There's a lot I really don't want to part with, but with a new son I figure I'll just put the overflow in the garage until he's old enough to play with it.

    I'll never reach Tycho's two storage units, but I don't know if it's because I have a hardwired spending limit in my brain or if I'm not dedicated enough to the hobby. Either way, I'd like to spend a weekend helping Tycho sort.

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    I had most of the power of the force 2 line of figures. Then, about 4 years ago I decided to get rid of my entier packaged figure collection, aside for a few vintage figues I have, and collect a select few figues a year both to save room and spend less. I have a book shelf, and three small shelves in the living room.

    I enjoy my collection a lot more now. If I can't display it, I either don't get it or I get rid of it. I'v never regretteded downsizing my collection, and I tend to take a look at it every year. I ask myself if I still like this and that figure. If I don't, I sell it at a yard sale, on e-bay, or give it to my kid.

    Perhaps some day I'll expand how much room I have to display things. However, I have yet to fill my space despite it being many times smaller than it used to be.

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    I still enjoy getting each new figure, though I'm not as passionate about the Clone Wars line. I probably wouldn't miss most of those. I've kind of reached the breaking point on vehicles, especially prequel ones. I probably wouldn't mind getting rid of most of the Jedi Starfighters I have. The Titanium Series versions would suffice for me.

    I've opened almost all of my basic figures now. Other than duplicates of the Vintage Style line, the TAC concept figures, and a few duplicates, I think they are all open. They take up a lot less space in the storage drawers I have put them in.

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    Thanks for the responses...i've enjoyed reading this thread.....I still have hundreds of fig, but something like this today really reinvegorates my passion for the hobby......I just am more and more a loose collector.....just all around easier.
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    While I open all my figures, the last 3 years I've been leaving them on cards after cutting the bubbles open and then putting them back on cards for storage as I didn't have space to put them up. Twice in the last year I've tossed out much of that packaging, the second time about 2 weeks ago, and the amount of space that alone saved was amazing. 4 garbage bags full of cards and bubbles (I saved some bubbles for storage of figures that were too delicate to go into the zip-top loose figure and loose accessory bags) went out last time, it was most impressive and it felt great.

    A nice side-effect is I got to experience those figures again after a few years, and that's always fun. Some figures don't hold up as well to scrutiny, others have captured my affections in the years.

    I still need to get rid of a lot of my POTF2 duplicates, but I really don't know how at this point. If I thought kids would like them, I'd drive them down to LA Childrens Hospital right now, but I don't know what kids would make of half a dozen Tarkins I bought for $1 each.
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    I'm actually thinking of doing something like this along the lines of finding the definative versions of the main characters and then donating the rest of the figures to perhaps a local charity or summer camp or maybe trying to sell them at a yard sale or something. not sure yet how.

    I did sell off a large amount of carded figures a few years back at a community yard sale and it felt good to sorta have some room for new stuff.
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    Over the last few years, I've downsized quite a bit. I went the "definitive version" route, and looked at how many of each character I needed for my displays.

    For example, Chewbacca:
    1 Hoth, 2 for the BMF(1 pilot, 1 Mynock), 1 Endor, 1 Jabba's Palace, 2 for the Death Star (1 Trash Compactor, 1 general use)- I think that's it.

    I did that with all of the major characters, and ended up with dozens(likely well over a hundred) of extra loose figures. I then sorted the non-main characters the same way and added many figures to the pile.

    I ended up doing a few rounds of ebay auctions that I made as attractive as possible by offering .99 starting bids and free shipping with a certain number of figures. In most cases, I sold everything I listed and at least made a bit of money back on the initial purchases...

    But back to the original post/though- yes, it has been a VERY liberating process and helped me get excited about new stuff again instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all!


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