Hey everyone.....! Just moved to a new place and told myself that my carded figure collection would get downsized enough to fit in a small walk in closet (using a guest room as my 'Geek room')

I had 35 long boxes normally used for comics....i downsized it to 17...so about 50% Dumped most of the first 5 waves of figures - kept just the original trilogy stuff with some exceptions....got rid of 98% of the prequel figs and all clone wars stuff - have some of it loose only

Damn, felt good to do that...now, gotta see if Toys for Tots does a year round pick up!

Ever just get to that point where the hobby overtakes you? Still love collecting...and am pumped for the new Vintage wave this year, but love the fact that I actually have room to pick some pieces up that I will truly dig!