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    What's Your Favorite Galactic Heroes Vehicle?

    I'm pretty sure that I have all the Galactic Heroes vehicles released to-date, except that I haven't found the Y-Wing quite yet.

    However, I find myself playing with Luke's X-wing from the original PlaysKool release the most.

    I really like the Falcon, too - but there's something about the X-wing and I just love popping open and closed the wings.

    I wished the Jedi Starfighters' wings worked like the 3 3/4" vehicle ones do, but I think I'd still like the X-wing best.
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    I love the new Y-Wing. It's simple, but there are lots of cool play features. (Proton bombs, pivoting cannon, droid socket...) The scale and proportions with Galactic Hero figures seems "right" for the first time since the Playskool releases, and if you work it right, you can fit three figures in that little cockpit...

    By the way, If you buy the Y-Wing, Buy the Ashoka that comes with "Goldie" droid. I suspect that both figures were sculpted to go with the Y-Wing...

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    There's an upcoming Ahsoka that is packed with Anakin - I think he's wearing a poncho. Anyway, I haven't seen that yet (maybe it's not yet released) but I want that set.

    I think I may also go for the Ahsoka that comes with Capt. Rex.

    I have not really bought any Clone Wars Galactic Heroes, but I suppose that will come to an end when I see the Y-wing.
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    The only one I have is the snowspeeder. I really dont ever have the $25 to buy one (thats why most of my collection is figures). And when I do have the money I find myself buying online items that I cant find in stores. But I love my speeder.
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    Tough question... Does the tauntaun count?
    I don't have either of the "convertible" Play School vehicles and I am missing the The Battle of Naboo ship and the The Pit of Carkoon Skiff. The Naboo ship came out before I really got into them and I haven't found one for a good enough price on ebay. The Skiff set just seemed small for what you were paying. I already had all of the figures included, and couldn't justify the price for the skiff. A store near me actually had 2 on the shelf right now and I am very tempted each time I am there... we'll see.

    I haven't given it to my son yet, but I have a Y-Wing in the closet and it looks sweet. The New ROTJ Falcon is very nice and the ESB Slave 1 is very cool. The snowspeeder is probably my favorite right now, but it changes from time to time. I really like the new ROTS Jedi Starfighters. I also have the new Invisible Hand set waiting for the right occasion for my son. The red one is very sharp and it will be cool to have the two together. I'm sure once the AT-AT is released it will rocket to the top
    Right now I'd say my top 5 are:
    1. Snowspeeder
    2. ROTJ Falcon
    3. Slave 1
    4. Obi-wan's ROTS starfighter
    5. uh... too close to call.

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    Good question. The Falcon is very cool, especially since it eluded my son and I until the Costco exclusive last fall. That said, I consider it more of a playset than a vehicle. My son's favorite is the Delta Starfighter (he calls it a cockpit). I like the AT-RT and the Snowspeeder myself (probably because it is the first snowspeeder I've bought since I got the Kenner one for my birthday in '80 or '81).

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    I haven't really had a chance to play with my sons Slave I, Skiff, and snowspeeder yet, so i'll say the Jedi Starfighter. It has it's faults, like the cockpit being to big, but is an all around enjoyable ship.
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    I just finally opened my AT-RT and it has the walking legs feature that's fun, and a firing missile - the only one in the Galactic Heroes line if I'm not mistaken.

    It's not a fighter so it can't take the place of the X-wing as my favorite vehicle, but the AT-RT is fun.

    I bet the AT-AT will be terrific.

    Darn it! I want a GH Republic Gunship!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Darn it! I want a GH Republic Gunship!
    [FONT=Courier New]Me too!!![/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New][/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]Having said that, my favorites are the CostCo exclusive ROTJ Falcon, followed by Boba Fett's Slave I, and the CW Y Wing.[/FONT]
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    the falcon is awesome. as are most of the GH vehicles.


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