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    looks like it's going to be an awesome set....can't wait to get one. Walmart is rather horrible for it's exclusives though. prime example they just unloaded another dozen or so of the AT-ST and it's still full price. was hoping that it was massively clearenced but no luck.

    hopefully I'll be able to get on of the Jabba set's though....just hope that Oola is Super Articulated.
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    I'm glad it's going to be a Walmart exclusive. The closest TRU and Target are 80 miles away from me. I'm really more interested in the new Oola than I am Jabba and the dias.

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    I may have to buy this before it goes on clearance, I need it!

    After seeing the pics, I decided to look up Jabba's Palace in the SW Trilogy location cross section book. I never realized that it was supposed to be underground like that. In the movie it looks like they just walk down the hall into the throne room. Hmmm.

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    Wow, that looks really good!! Bought on sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid View Post
    If the box art is a representation of the product I would be unhappy. Jabba's tail is hanging off of the dais! And it is too tall. And once again, they went overboard with making Jabba almost seem more green than tan.
    Yes, I must agree with you, the color here is the same problem again and again lately, and I fear we'll get another bright green and orange Jabba.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maerj2000 View Post
    After seeing the pics, I decided to look up Jabba's Palace in the SW Trilogy location cross section book. I never realized that it was supposed to be underground like that. In the movie it looks like they just walk down the hall into the throne room. Hmmm.
    The main hall leads to stairs that head down, you can see them as Chewie knocks Bane Malar/Sgt Doallyn. But the idea that it's way underground, that'd be kinda out there, especially with those stairs bathed in natural light.
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    I think Jabba just lives in his Mother's basement. That would explain that, AND why the sail barge was so large: it was the family van.

    Anyway, I doubt they'd screw up THAT badly, so hopefully the artist just made the stones so large to get the really intimidating perspective of the power that Jabba has over his dancing girl, so she seems tiny and insignificant in comparison.
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    I, too, have mixed feelings on this one. I worry about the price point. The last few WM exclusives have been very over priced, but I have been lucky enough to find them on clearance with the exception of the Dark Trooper 2-pks. Heck, my closest one still has a couple of Dewbacks at full price on the shelf. I definitely want to add it to my diorama, though. The cardboard one that came with the scene doesn't hold up well with the railing and Jabba from the last offering during the Saga Collection. But this will be my third Jabba in my collection. If this is coming out around Christmas Time, I think we will be having another massive exclusive hunt that I can't afford, like last year.

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    Looks amazing! I'll be looking out for this set, for sure!
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    Sandtroopers has pictures of the back of the box, giving a view of the actual product. Holy Lord, this thing is absolutely beautiful. The railing and bowl are repacked from the 2004 Ultra set and Salacious Crumb looks like the 2007 version that came with C-3PO, but everything else is new.

    The Oola figure is gorgeous - it actually looks like her, and much of her clothing is fabric, but it looks really well done (and it means you can re-enact the infamous, er, pop-out scene ). She's super articulated and it almost even looks like she has the ball-joint hips, but even if not, she's amazing.

    The dais looks to have a ton of detail, and several pillows. There are even wheels on the bottom, as when he gets carted forward to watch the Rancor attack Luke.

    As for Jabba himself - I don't want to speak too soon, but he looks perfect. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that they finally included his tattoo - and it's sculpted, no less. His arms are articulated, like the awesome Clone Wars version. His tail is posable, yet there are no ugly seams like on the 1997 one, and it looks to be the right shape, with the tapering off and everything. He has the proper rolls between his "head" and lower body, which all previous modern versions have forgotten. He has the big ol' bump that they always forget to do. And I didn't even know until now that he had a scar on his tail, but so does this version.

    My God, I am absolutely in love with this thing.
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    I really hope this winds up on clearance....

    No, really. I'm going to be one of the first to get one at full price, but I'd love a second one. Now that I have Teek, I need a Zorba figure. Unlike Teek, Zorba wouldn't require much work.
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