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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    i found a pic for everyone. judging by the pic i don't think there is a driver for the gondola... maybe pack in 2 of the Naboo Guards for display instead.
    Thats it? Should be easy to make. I'm sure Hasbro has the mold from their "Cool Runnings" toy line.
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    [FONT=Courier New]This is one of the few polls, if not the only one, where I say "absolutely NOT".[/FONT]

    [FONT=Courier New]This is one of the cheesiest looking "vehicles" in any of the SW movies. It's a space boat. They could have just used a plain wooden gondola and it would have looked less out of place that this thing.[/FONT]
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    I'd buy the Naboo Holy Man.

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    I would buy it only if it floats, and even then I would only buy it so I can put Anakin and Padme figures in it, spray it with lighter fluid, set it alight, and send it on its merry way floating lazily down the Chicago River while burning to a melty puddle of burning goo.

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    Easy pass. Even as a $15 deluxe vehicle, this would bomb big time. The Padme figure I wouldn't mind being made, however.

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    NO. there seems to be an echo in here.

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    Not surprisingly, the Naboo Water Skimmer from AOTC lost.

    Surprisingly, it only lost by 1 vote: 5-6.

    I counted Space Outlaw's vote as a yes so that he could buy this and set fire to it in the Chicago River or something like that.

    Most here are interested in the Padme (backless gown) figure I proposed came with this set.

    The vehicle by itself would never sell, and if anyone here doesn't have enough Anakin figures by now...

    Packing in Naboo Royal Guards isn't a bad idea though - but they really didn't use this craft, which looks mostly like it's use is for recreational pleasure.
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