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    Would You Buy The Naboo Water Skimmer From AOTC?

    I am continuing my 3 3/4" vehicle thread series.

    This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case The Naboo Water Skimmer From AOTC).

    I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

    I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

    So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy The Naboo Water Skimmer From AOTC?

    This would have to be a deluxe vehicle with figure assortment entry.

    The skiff would probably do nothing more than seat 3 figures tops, but as a requisite, at least 2 (Anakin and Padme).

    I don't know if they'll ever make a figure of the driver, but most of us could care less. I mean Jocasta Nu had speaking lines and was clearly seen, and Willrow Hood was distinguished for having a pot belly and running with an ice cream maker (OK - that's classic!). Some of the obscure figures to appear on screen like the Water Skimmer Pilot (or the Naboo Holy Man) will never be made - and I'm fine with that. I just wanted to be clear why the driver is not an option for the pack-in figure.

    However, what is - and would be the selling point - is a new figure of Padme in her backless dress. Almost all her figures from TPM (but one - the black post-senate gown) are made. AOTC is ahead of ROTS in terms of Padmes that have been produced, but here's an opportunity for another one we don't have. Her wealth in her wardrobe is part of her character - whether you find it interesting or not. It is an established part of her character.

    Hasbro could spend the money on making her figure with a softgoods bottom to her dress so she could sit in the water skimmer. The Evolutions AOTC Padawan Anakin Skywalker is already the perfect figure to accompany her.

    The skimmer would just be nice for the diorama, and it is a vehicle, so I will poll for it. This would be for the $15 range.

    Do you want this made?

    How do you think it would sell if produced?
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    Okay, I'm sorry, but I can't find an entry for this thing on wookieepedia or Since it doesn't even get a mention at either one of those two sites then I'm voting no. If I recall correctly (which is why I started looking) this is just a fancy motorboat anyway. The Padme figure would of course be welcome (not the driver, but you mentioned the Naboo Holy man and that is a figure I'd like to see to complete the wedding scene, which while short had huge implications for the rest of the saga) but I bet there are other ways to get her.

    So for those of you keeping track at home, that was a no.
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    It might be a fun, inexpensive diorama. For this one though, I would vote no...unless of course, the boat had a pop-up missile launcher...

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    I think I would vote yes, but just to get the Padme Figure you described. I can't even picture the vehicle in question, but a Padme figure that is well done is a good pick-up no matter what she comes with.
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    I want the Padmé, but I don't care about the little gondola thing.
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    strangely enough I would vote yes for this set but only if it was an exclusive either convention, HTS or I don't think this set would work at the retail level.

    this would be a nice set with both SA versions of Padme and Anakin (and i love the concept of soft goods for Padme) and maybe an additional figure for the driver.
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    i found a pic for everyone. judging by the pic i don't think there is a driver for the gondola... maybe pack in 2 of the Naboo Guards for display instead.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    The only way I could see this being made would be if it was the regular skimmer as seen in AOTC, with some fold-out laser blasters and snap-on rocket launchers. Were that the case, if it came with a decent, new figure, maybe. I can't see it coming out with the proper Padme, but maybe a slightly retooled Naboo Guard.
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    No, I would not buy this and I think it would sell only slightly better than Yarna dal'Gargan's Jedi Starfighter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    No, I would not buy this and I think it would sell only slightly better than Yarna dal'Gargan's Jedi Starfighter.
    Which I would buy in a heartbeat, and so would you.

    Even if it's inaccurate, and everyone knows she drives a souped-up Cruisemissile with a pink paint job and flames down the side.
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