I am continuing my 3 3/4" vehicle thread series.

This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case The TechnoUnion Starfighter From the Battle of Utapau in ROTS). Pictures are below.

I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy The TechnoUnion Starfighter From the Battle of Utapau in ROTS?

This would have be for the $24 star fighter assortment.

The vehicle would hold one Pau'n pilot, or more typically for movie scenes, a battle droid or Magna Guard droid (though the last favored their own specialized star fighters that Hasbro already makes toys of).

The interceptor might fire two missiles from hidden side compartments, much like the upcoming Twin Pod Cloud Car will.

It's small and adds to the Separatist attack fleet.

Do you want this made?

How do you think it would sell if produced?

Do you want to see it featured again in The Clone Wars to create further recognition?

This will be the last vehicle poll from ROTS. PT polls will continue for only a couple more weeks at the most, with the remaining options from TPM and AOTC. The Expanded Universe Polls still have a lot of exciting options.