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    Question Lists?

    I'm trying to find a pretty complete list of what toys are going to be available in April. I have been looking for one, but the closest thing I came across was a description of some of the new figs. I need to have some reference so I know how much money I'm going to be needing.
    Did they have any Oompa Loompas?

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    Hasbro has a decent description on what's to be available from the get-go and shortly after.
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    Here's an idea...

    You can always ask Jar Jar Binks for one. He's awfully fond of printing up lists for people! I think he even has a list in the 52 basic figures thread!
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    Well that was terribly helpful of you JEDIpartnr, how I wish there were more helpful people around to point the way. I wish I could be more helpful. maybe that's something I can aspire to and strive to achieve......

    Lists are always subject to change and figures can be added in to an assortment at any time, so keep a few pennies to one side just in case.

    there, that was a start wasn't it?

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    I made a list not long back of all the confermed figures but it only came up 2 30 odd.
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