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    Transparent MMs or AFs? Does anybody know what these are?

    See image below. I found these ships on eBay. They look like transparent versions of Action Fleets and they seem to have Action Fleet stands. I've never seen these before. Does anyone have any info on these ships? Are they AF size? Are there any other transparent ships like this?

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    These are a sub-line of Micro Machines called "X-Rays", which became the basis for Galoob's MM Die Casts. They are smaller than Action Fleet, they are a scale somewhere in between AF and MM. There are a whole bunch of X-rays ships out there, I am not sure exactly how many as there are a few overseas sets.
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    Yeah JT's right, they're X-Ray micros, if memory serves me correctly they're just a little bigger or along the same size as the Die-Casts. I think there were about 4-6 sets that were released to the U.S. plus a painted multi-pack that is really hard to get and a small number of 2-4 other sets that were not released in the U.S., I think that's about right, although I'm not a big X-ray collector but that's what I've gathered from various places.
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    Post X-Ray Fleet

    Hi haggie,
    those you found are X-Ray Fleet vehicles and JT gave a concise and very good description. I can add X-Ray are among my favourites because I think the concept is innovative (I never saw other X-Ray models, even if they could have been released in other toy lines) and fun. In particular I like the AT-AT, where you can see small Speederbikes in the storage compartment.

    Here is the complete list (it looks like I am mad for lists ):
    Collection 1: Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, A-wing
    Collection 2: X-wing, Imperial AT-AT
    Collection 3: Millennium Falcon, Jawa Sandcrawler
    Collection 4: Slave I, Y-wing Starfighter
    Collection 5: B-wing, TIE Bomber
    Collection 6: Landspeeder, TIE Fighter
    Collection 7: Snowspeeder, Imperial AT-ST

    Last 3 collections were not released in the USA, it looks like they were released only in the UK and in Japan (and are quite hard to find). Besides these collections there is one more X-Ray vehicle, the Shuttle Tydirium contained in the Trilogy Gift Set (a JC Penny exclusive).


    P.S. It looks like Galoob always understimated the TIE Fighter (one of my favourite ships and the mainstay of Imperial Navy), also in this case it was made available only later and in a hard to find collection. Why?

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    I still see a few sets in Tru, that've been warming the same peg for about 3 years. LMK if you want them picked up.


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    Question X-Ray collections?

    Hi Jeddah,
    if the sets are 5, 6, or 7 I AM DEFINITELY INTERESTED!

    Let me know,

    P.S. Needless to say I am also interested in the impossible to find Epic Collections 4-6 (loose or packaged), but that is a lost war.

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    Thumbs up the x-rays are great!

    galoob utilized the same mold that they used for the di-casts to make the x-ray fleet!

    x-rays are some of the most original. creative toys to ever come outta toy maker land! the level of detail is teriffic, and as an added plus, take a look at em under a black light!

    as jg pointed out, only sets I-IV were released in the u.s., with sets V-VII being released only overseas (and as jg ponted out as well, the u.k. and japan appear to be the only place they were released to, cause it seems these days, if your to find em on ebay, that's where the sellers seem to come from)

    jc penny, had released a special trilogy gift set back in '96, which included an x-ray shuttle tyderium. the other ships included in this set were fully painted plastic ships. they are ;falcon, x-wing, y-wing, at-at, vaders tie, a-wing, sand crawler, slave I, and fully painted shuttle.

    when you think about the different types of toys offered by galoob in their star wars line, you can really see how different, and exciting a toy company they were. the creative thought process that went into creating toys like the x-rays, or the transforming heads is amazing! jim fong (jkf), the creative leader of the galoob star wars team was once asked what his favorite toy was in the star wars line, he had responded with the transforming r2d2 head playset, which opens to reveal jabbas palace, complete with rancor dungeon. when i 1st read that my reaction was "what is he, nuts?, how can he compare a transforming head with the splendor and glory of action fleet? well some time later, after i had gotten into the other galoob lines, i took a close look at all the transforming heads, and although i'm not sure i agree with him about the r2d2 head (my favorite is a toss between the tie fighter pilot, and vaders head), i do agree that the transforming heads are absolutely the most amazing toy line out there! mason used to play with the yoda/dagobah head for hours during car trips!

    jg, do not give up hope on the epic sets IV-VI, you've got prolly the greatest mm trackin' resource's right here at ssg, and i can assure you that all of us, are on the constant vigil to track down any and all tough to get mm's for our fellow forumites! 6 months ago, you had posted that you would never see episode I sets XI-XIII, and if i'm not mistaken, take a look down towards your right, yeah, right there, i do believe you are lookin' at sets XI-XIII!

    if they're out there, they shall be found for all!
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    Sets 3 and four, unfortunatley.

    Sorry JG


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    I've heard a lot about these transparent ships but I've never actually seen them until now. Those ships are really cool looking. I'm going to have to search for some of them for my collection.
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    Lightbulb local o-o-p xray sightings

    ywing, $1; sandcr, atat, xw & awing, $4 each (2 diff sources)
    lmk if interested


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