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    TPM AFs at Rite Aid in Denver CO

    The Rite Aid at 42nd and Wadsworth in Wheat Ridge, CO has two TPM AFs on their toy shelf. They have the Trade Federation Troop Transport (I think that's what it is called; brown ground transport thing) for $12 after 20% off. They also have the elctronic RC Trade Federation Tank for $15 after 20% off. They have going out of business signs up everywhere. Neither toy is priced where I would expect a retail store to price them but I got them when they came out at WalMart so I'm not sure what kind of prices they are going for online. Maybe someone in Denver needs these and is willing to drive there to get them.

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    Arrow another rite-aid burnin out? geez, how many does That leave?

    thanx for tip, maybe b'jr & i'll wait till they go to 80% off like the 38th & zuni one did last year when they went down (got him a $2 dc isd there )

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    Man, a lot of you talk about your Rite Aid's having Action Fleet vehicles. Ya know what mine has? SQUAT! Maybe it is just because I live in the middle of nowhere in Virginia. Although I do like living right beside the home city of Woodrow Wilson, good old Staunton,VA.
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.


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