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    Discussion Thread For Final ORIGINAL TRILOGY Vehicle Poll Results

    Post what you think about the future of Star Wars Original Trilogy Vehicle Toy Possibilities.

    The oldest Star Wars movie, ANH, has the highest demand for new vehicles by our polls.

    It worked out so there were 9 vehicles from each OT movie polled for. 7/9 (hehe, Seven-Of-Nine) won for ANH.

    The Winners are:

    Princess Leia's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner [14-11]
    Lars Family Landspeeder [10-6]
    Dash Rendar's Outrider (resculpt) [9-6]
    Imperial Landing Craft [14-3]
    Big Jawa Sandcrawler [20-4]
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (resculpt) [10-3]
    Luke's Landspeeder (resculpt) [14-5]

    The losers were:

    Luke's T-16 Skyhopper re-release [6-10]
    R2-D2's Escape Pod [6-7]

    I think sooner than later, Luke's Landspeeder will see some kind of release. Vader's TIE will take several years perhaps. The $24 one is on shelves everywhere this year.

    The other vehicles are more exotic, even though the Lars Landspeeder is relatively low cost compared to some of the huge vehicles we voted for.

    I have strong doubts about Dash Rendar's Outrider (the least chances of anything here).

    The 3 larger ships would all be a lot of fun! The Blockade Runner has the best chance for its iconic stature and its possibilities for a big scene yet, in Clone Wars.

    The two that lost would not likely sell very well in my opinion. For novelty appeal, maybe the escape pod.

    Empire Strikes Back had 5/9 new vehicles demanded.

    The Winners are:

    Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car [26-3] ***
    Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Personnel Carrier [16-0]
    Imperial Probot Droid With Delivery Pod Shuttle [16-0]
    Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Laser Ice Drill [10-4]
    Rebel Medical Frigate [8-7]

    The losers were:

    Imperial Star Destroyer [9-10]
    Rebel Transport [9-10]
    TIE Bomber [5-10]
    Hoth AT-ST [10-11] ***

    *** Hasbro has confirmed they will actually be producing these vehicles, not at all due to the results from our poll.

    The AT-ST Hoth version is a low-cost issue for them, and the Twin Pod Cloud Car was already a commonly known high-demand-vehicle.

    I think a Star Destroyer has a better chance than most of the more boring stuff on this list, though it lost our poll. The vote was close and I know people want this. I just hope they make it big enough - USS Flag style.

    The Probot's landing pod vehicle again might work as a novelty item.

    The Rebel Transport might see some support for nostalgia's sake. (I'd buy it myself, though I've picked up the vintage one.)

    Return of the Jedi had 4/9 new vehicles demanded.

    The Winners are:

    Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge [26-2]
    Endor Forrest Speeder Bikes [15-1]
    Tatooine Skiff [9-5]
    Y-Wing Fighter [11-2]

    The losers were:

    Mon Calamari Star Cruiser [2-13]
    Imperial Shuttle [5-11]
    Coruscant Taxi [7-11]
    Coruscant Air Bus [2-7]
    TIE Interceptor (resculpt) [6-10]

    From our ROTJ list, I can see the following:

    Hasbro would probably go for

    updated Speederbikes
    resculpted Tatooine Skiff
    new sculpt for OT Y-wing fighter
    updated TIE Interceptor (or re-release in several years)

    Jabba's Sailbarge is a great contender for the large vehicle assortment ($150 plus). It is the most demanded by collectors, and if Hondo Ohnaka or Cad Bane would visit Jabba The Hutt in the Clone Wars series for some major sequence (perhaps with Boba Fett) I can see it getting the support it needs from a kid-audience to make this happen.

    Each OT movie (since the Kenner days) had it's largest vehicle: the Falcon, the AT-AT, and the Imperial Shuttle.

    In the large vehicle assortment for the OT, two of these vehicles have now been updated. Unless Hasbro turns back to ANH with the Sandcrawler or the Rebel Blockade Runner, I can really see ROTJ getting a large vehicle. Our audience here turned the Imperial Shuttle down - even for re-release. If that ship were to see another issue (which it eventually should anyway, IMO) it wouldn't need an update. The vehicle was really nicely done since 1984. The Sailbarge is such a natural direction for Hasbro to take. We supported it overwhelmingly here.

    So there's surely less than 10 more OT vehicles we might see being offered in the collection (that are all-new, or sort-of).

    Maybe 2-3 per year, over the next 5 years (until 2015) with some re-releases (like the BMF, BAT-AT, B-X-Wing, B-TIE, A-Wing, and B-Wing, thrown in there to keep it going).

    The Sailbarge, a Star Destroyer, the Blockade Runner, or a Big Jawa Sandcrawler would be the most exciting for me. I'm not in the market for everything.

    How about you? What do you think?
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    Out of the winning vehicles, Here is my opinion:

    Princess Leia's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner - Will never see the light of day.
    Lars Family Landspeeder - Can see this happening for the 35th anniversary of ANH, possible as a battle pack with Lukes Landspeeder like the target exclusives.
    Dash Rendar's Outrider - This is needed but I don't think will happen. The one previously released is an embarrassment to the hobby.
    Imperial Landing Craft - I don't see why this can't happen, but I don't think it will.
    Big Jawa Sandcrawler - Unless we get a big surprise for the 35th anniversary, this will never happen. I think we should be lucky we got the one we did.
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - I know we will continue to see this fighter, with a possible rescult in 2012.
    Luke's Landspeeder - Not sure if we will see another resculpt, but we will see this vehicle again.
    Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car - Since we are getting this, I won't comment.
    Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Personnel Carrier - I don't know how this won 16-0, but if we do get it, it will be in a battle pack assortment. Unless they bring back mini-rigs.
    Imperial Probot Droid With Delivery Pod Shuttle - Since we didn't get it this year, it might be another five years.
    Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Laser Ice Drill - If we do get it, it will be in a battle pack assortment. Unless they bring back mini-rigs.
    Rebel Medical Frigate - Can't see this happening at all.
    Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge - I believe we will eventually get this. I only hope it is worth the hype.
    Endor Forrest Speeder Bikes - It is rediculous that in 2010, we have not gotten decent Endor Speeder bikes.
    Tatooine Skiff - I can see them re-releasing the current one when they make Jabba's Sail barge.
    Y-Wing Fighter - This will happen one day, probably with ANH line though.

    Out of the losing vehicles, Here is my opinion:

    Luke's T-16 Skyhopper - Not needed, you can find these cheep on ebay.
    R2-D2's Escape Pod - I could see this happening in a Search for the Droids battle pack.
    Imperial Star Destroyer - I know I voted for the Star Destroyer, but I don't think it will ever be made.
    Rebel Transport - It wasn't made this year, I doubt we will see it.
    TIE Bomber - I'm surprised this one lost. I know we will see this re-released.
    Hoth AT-ST - It was too easy for Hasbro to do this one.
    Mon Calamari Star Cruiser - Never going to happen.
    Imperial Shuttle - I'm betting we see a re-release of this one again.
    Coruscant Taxi - Really should be with TPM, and it is too long since that movie was released.
    Coruscant Air Bus - Really should be with TPM, and it is too long since that movie was released.
    TIE Interceptor (resculpt) - I doubt we see a resculpt, but we will see it re-released.


    I'm real surprised the Star Destroyer lost. Even thought it is not going to happen, I would have thought it would have had more support for as iconic as it is.
    The fact that the Sandcrawler won in a land slide means to me that no one liked the current version. Which would be a reason that we never get a new one, or a re-release.
    I'm surprised that the three Hoth min-rigs won so convincingly.
    I'm surprised that the Endor speeder bike wasn't unanimous.
    Nowhere in your incoherent ramblings did you come anywhere close to the answer. Thanks to you, everyone in this room is now stupider having heard you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. -Billy Madison-

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    here's my thought's:

    Tantive IV - So want one of these and since Kenner did make a prototype years ago (even though grossly out of scale) it still shows potential. would definately buy one but doubt Hasbro would make it.

    Lars Family Landspeeder - can see this as an online exclusive like EE or HTS. i can't see this being a store exclusive at this time. would still buy one if we got new updated SA versions of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.

    Dash Rendar's Outrider - one of the many ships that needs a serious overhaul. while it was good at the time I think this needs to be along the lines of the BMF to be great. throw in new SA versions of Dash and Leebo and you have a nice set. In order for this to work I think Hasbro would have to re-launch a new EU series of figures for Shadows of the Empire or have a micro TV series to re-introduce it.

    Imperial Landing Craft - definately want one, think it is definately needed.

    Jawa Sandcrawler - not interested in the slightest bit if it gets made or not. i believe i did vote for it to be re-imagined and larger but really will lose no sleep over it if it never sees the light of day.

    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - again not interested. have the POTF version and that will do for now. would rather a TIE Defender.

    Luke's Landspeeder - have about 4 landspeeders already so not interested in another rehash of this one unless it's packed in a really cool Ultimate Battlepack with plenty of extras (scurriers and crispy owen and beru)

    Twin Pod Cloud Car - we are finally getting one so this needs no comments. can't wait to have one for the collection.

    Echo Base Personal Carrier - all I can say is WHY ???? doesn't really serve a purpose and it's an easy pass for me. now if they gave us an Ultimate Battlepack with this and the Laser Ice Drill and some perhaps the second variant Hoth Trooper and a couple of Pilots then it would be a YES in my book.

    Hoth Laser Ice Drill - see above

    Imperial Probe Droid Shuttle - can only see this as being a Deluxe line item. however would love to see the Probot return to the pegs one day.

    Rebel Medical Frigate - perhaps one of the coolest looking capital ships in the movies - would love to see it made but not holding my breath - basically feel this will have the same fate as the Tantive IV.

    Rebel Transport - can't believe this lost - still trying to track down a decent complete one on escalp. would definately buy one but alas it lost so that's that.

    Jabba's Sailbarge - if this was to be made it would have to be along the lines of the Black Pearl Playset from a few years back. might work as an interent exclusive Ultimate Battlepack if packed with new guards and maybe an extra pack-in of the Skiff.

    Speeder Bikes - we definately need a redo of this classic iconic vehicle. i can't believe that after all these years we have still yet to get an accurate Endor Speeder Bike. would love to see this as both Deluxe carded versions of each character Luke, Leia, Scout Trooper, and Paploo and perhaps as an Ultimate Battle Pack of all 3 of them with some addtional Ewoks and Scout Troopers.

    Tatoonie Skiff - definately needs an overhaul - needs to be bigger, wider and more accurate.

    Y-Wing Fighter - can't wait to get an accurate Grey Squadron version with Grey Leader. Please Hasbro make this happen. would also like to see re-paints of this vehicle with new pilots (as long as it's made correctly)
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    So how did the results stack up for me?

    I built Princess Leia's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner ([14-11]) but if Hasbro made a professionally engineered one - I'd buy. I could use my old custom one for Senator Bail Organa's version of the ship.

    Lars Family Landspeeder ([10-6]) - I'd totally buy a few of these:

    Lars Homestead
    Mos Eisley
    Galactic City (Coruscant) Coco Street (Dexter's Diner)
    Galactic City (Imperial Center - same planet) during SOTE

    Dash Rendar's Outrider (resculpt) ( [9-6]) - I'd buy it for air traffic over Coruscant during the OT times.

    Imperial Landing Craft ([14-3]) - maybe I'd buy it for Lt. Sunber (Tank) and have him commanding troops fighting the Amanim

    Big Jawa Sandcrawler ([20-4]) - heck yeah! B.A.D. City on wheels here I come!

    I don't want Vader's TIE again or Luke's Landspeeder again, but I appreciate that they would sell.
    I'll be buying 3 Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Cars ([26-3]) - I already own 8 pilots (two are to pose walking around Cloud City).

    I might get the Echo Base Rebel Personnel Carrier ([16-0])

    I'd love the Rebel Medical Frigate ([8-7])

    I'm sorry the Imperial Star Destroyer ([9-10]) and the Rebel Transport ([9-10]) did not win.

    I don't need any more TIE Bombers or AT-STs and I won't be buying the Hoth version of this when it comes out.

    My most-wanted vehicle is Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge ([26-2]). I'd buy just one but love it maybe more than my BMF. (probably)

    I do not need Endor Forrest Speeder Bikes ([15-1]), more Tatooine Skiffs ([9-5]) - though maybe I could use this for Clone Wars? - or another Y-Wing Fighter ([11-2]) but pack-in Gray Leader and it's a purchase!

    I would buy the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser that lost ([2-13]) as well as the
    Coruscant Taxi [7-11] and the Coruscant Air Bus [2-7].

    I have no need of another TIE Interceptor (resculpt) [6-10]
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    So, in the best fantasy-case scenerio (from the resulting winners) - which would Hasbro make?

    The Rebel Blockade Runner**
    Lars Landspeeder
    Imperial Landing Craft**
    Big Jawa Sandcrawler**
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (resculpt)
    Luke's Landspeeder (resculpt)
    Echo Base Personnel Carrier
    Hoth Laser Ice Drill (easy vehicle with figure pack with actual photo of Luke)
    Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge (probably for ROTJ's 30th anniversary in 2013)
    Endor Forrest Speeder Bikes (easy)
    Tatooine Skiff (possible pre-cursor to a sailbarge sale for 2011 or 2012)
    Y-Wing Fighter (an obvious natural probably with a new pack-in pilot like Tyree)

    ** These larger vehicles have great potential to be a "rally piece" much like the BMF and BAT-AT are.

    2007 - the 30th Anniversary of ANH
    2010 - the 30th Anniversary of ESB
    2013 - the 30th Anniversary of ROTJ
    2014 is the 15-year Anniversary of TPM btw.
    2012 is the 10-year Anniversary of AOTC / 35th Anniversary of ANH.
    2015 is the 10-year Anniversary of ROTS / 35th Anniversary of ESB.
    2018 is the 35th year Anniversary of ROTJ [the Hasbro SW license expires]

    So I think:

    2012 - Well, they are making Jango's / Boba's (CW version) B-Slave-1 for 2011 I guess (unless we even see it by X-mas 2010). So unless they are making a Republic Acclamator Class Star Destroyer as well, I don't think we'll see another large vehicle from AOTC. Perhaps Dooku's Solar Sailor vehicle could be done for this, at a lot less than a big-vehicle price, I'm not sure AOTC will get an anniversary vehicle. An N-1 would make more sense for TPM.

    2013 - Jabba's Sailbarge

    2014 - Republic / Jedi Cruiser (Radiant VII) ??? (A Trade Fed Landing Ship or a remake of the Queen's Royal Starship are possible. For the latter, a re-release is all that's necessary. I'd rather see the tooling go to a new vehicle and the Radiant VII's style of Republic Cruiser has been seen through Clone Wars).

    2015 - Here we'd see a Republic Star Destroyer (from CW / ROTS) if ever, I'd bet. The Invisible Hand, if ever possible - same thing. Palpatine's Shuttle (he takes to Mustafar to rescue Darth Vader) is more likely, but less "fun and aggressive for kids." The Fireship could be made here, but I think it would sell in the regular vehicle lineup of any given year and isn't noteworthy enough to be an "anniversary celebration ship."

    2018 - would not likely get a vehicle. The license would be expiring and unless Star Wars is still selling strong, the offerings will be minimal - perhaps even if Hasbro renews the license. The latter being the case, a re-release of Jabba's Sailbarge or the Imperial Shuttle, the B-wing, or something like that - or a big Cinema Scene with a Sarlaac and a Skiff would work out for the best. I don't think a license renewal in 2018 would mean a new big vehicle. Another release of the BMF might also suffice - or several of these at the same time to celebrate Hasbro's license renewal. In any case, it would be geared to newbies and not a lot of us folks who already have these items (including new ones like Jabba's Sailbarge that we do not already own right now). However, making the Tantive IV to celebrate Hasbro's license renewal might be an awesome way to re-energize the line. Long way to wait for this one, though - huh?
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