Post what you think about the future of Star Wars Original Trilogy Vehicle Toy Possibilities.

The oldest Star Wars movie, ANH, has the highest demand for new vehicles by our polls.

It worked out so there were 9 vehicles from each OT movie polled for. 7/9 (hehe, Seven-Of-Nine) won for ANH.

The Winners are:

Princess Leia's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner [14-11]
Lars Family Landspeeder [10-6]
Dash Rendar's Outrider (resculpt) [9-6]
Imperial Landing Craft [14-3]
Big Jawa Sandcrawler [20-4]
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (resculpt) [10-3]
Luke's Landspeeder (resculpt) [14-5]

The losers were:

Luke's T-16 Skyhopper re-release [6-10]
R2-D2's Escape Pod [6-7]

I think sooner than later, Luke's Landspeeder will see some kind of release. Vader's TIE will take several years perhaps. The $24 one is on shelves everywhere this year.

The other vehicles are more exotic, even though the Lars Landspeeder is relatively low cost compared to some of the huge vehicles we voted for.

I have strong doubts about Dash Rendar's Outrider (the least chances of anything here).

The 3 larger ships would all be a lot of fun! The Blockade Runner has the best chance for its iconic stature and its possibilities for a big scene yet, in Clone Wars.

The two that lost would not likely sell very well in my opinion. For novelty appeal, maybe the escape pod.

Empire Strikes Back had 5/9 new vehicles demanded.

The Winners are:

Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car [26-3] ***
Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Personnel Carrier [16-0]
Imperial Probot Droid With Delivery Pod Shuttle [16-0]
Hoth's Echo Base Rebel Laser Ice Drill [10-4]
Rebel Medical Frigate [8-7]

The losers were:

Imperial Star Destroyer [9-10]
Rebel Transport [9-10]
TIE Bomber [5-10]
Hoth AT-ST [10-11] ***

*** Hasbro has confirmed they will actually be producing these vehicles, not at all due to the results from our poll.

The AT-ST Hoth version is a low-cost issue for them, and the Twin Pod Cloud Car was already a commonly known high-demand-vehicle.

I think a Star Destroyer has a better chance than most of the more boring stuff on this list, though it lost our poll. The vote was close and I know people want this. I just hope they make it big enough - USS Flag style.

The Probot's landing pod vehicle again might work as a novelty item.

The Rebel Transport might see some support for nostalgia's sake. (I'd buy it myself, though I've picked up the vintage one.)

Return of the Jedi had 4/9 new vehicles demanded.

The Winners are:

Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge [26-2]
Endor Forrest Speeder Bikes [15-1]
Tatooine Skiff [9-5]
Y-Wing Fighter [11-2]

The losers were:

Mon Calamari Star Cruiser [2-13]
Imperial Shuttle [5-11]
Coruscant Taxi [7-11]
Coruscant Air Bus [2-7]
TIE Interceptor (resculpt) [6-10]

From our ROTJ list, I can see the following:

Hasbro would probably go for

updated Speederbikes
resculpted Tatooine Skiff
new sculpt for OT Y-wing fighter
updated TIE Interceptor (or re-release in several years)

Jabba's Sailbarge is a great contender for the large vehicle assortment ($150 plus). It is the most demanded by collectors, and if Hondo Ohnaka or Cad Bane would visit Jabba The Hutt in the Clone Wars series for some major sequence (perhaps with Boba Fett) I can see it getting the support it needs from a kid-audience to make this happen.

Each OT movie (since the Kenner days) had it's largest vehicle: the Falcon, the AT-AT, and the Imperial Shuttle.

In the large vehicle assortment for the OT, two of these vehicles have now been updated. Unless Hasbro turns back to ANH with the Sandcrawler or the Rebel Blockade Runner, I can really see ROTJ getting a large vehicle. Our audience here turned the Imperial Shuttle down - even for re-release. If that ship were to see another issue (which it eventually should anyway, IMO) it wouldn't need an update. The vehicle was really nicely done since 1984. The Sailbarge is such a natural direction for Hasbro to take. We supported it overwhelmingly here.

So there's surely less than 10 more OT vehicles we might see being offered in the collection (that are all-new, or sort-of).

Maybe 2-3 per year, over the next 5 years (until 2015) with some re-releases (like the BMF, BAT-AT, B-X-Wing, B-TIE, A-Wing, and B-Wing, thrown in there to keep it going).

The Sailbarge, a Star Destroyer, the Blockade Runner, or a Big Jawa Sandcrawler would be the most exciting for me. I'm not in the market for everything.

How about you? What do you think?