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    Hmm. It's certainly taking a while for it all to get out there, and most Targets are sucking big-time in this area, but I haven't had an issue finding anything aside from wave 4 (of which I have everything except Padmé). Wave 5 and 6 keep popping up, and while the Gamorreans are hard to find, the abundance of the leftover figures from that wave indicate to me that stores got in several cases but they just sold really well. It might be that you're not going to enough stores, so take Obi-Wan's advice to R4-P17 and widen your range.
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    The Target here doesn't appear to have gotten anything in a long time. All I see there are a few Cloud Car Pilots, a couple Dengars and A couple 4-LOM's. Wal-Mart is loaded with ROTS clones and Legends and Clone Wars figures I already have. I did find a Stormtrooper at Fred Meyer the other day. Still several figures from the various waves I have yet to find.

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    I hate that I am so stressed out about finding that Wedge figure. There are some up on Ebay, but the auctions are already nearing $50 for each figure!! That's insane!!!
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    At the Comic Con panel, Hasbro said that Wedge will be re-released next year. Hopefully this will make people calm down a bit.
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    It's been a few weeks since I've had a chance to post, but I was going through Walmart about a month ago and saw they'd restocked. A quick persual of the wares showed not much other than troopers, but there was an R2-D2 and Ackbar that weren't there on my last visit so I kept looking. Down on the bottom I ran across a pig. That pig now resides in my collection and Walmart hasn't restocked since. I still haven't seen a Wedge or anything after wave 3 besides R-D4 at any local stores.


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