Yakface posted a list of this wave's supposed contents.

1x Gamorrean Guard (21482)
1x Ackbar (21483)
1x Jedi Luke (21484)
1x Skiff Guard - Wooof (21485)
1x R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray (21486)
1x Rebel Commando (21487)
1x Yoda with Hover Chair (21481)
1x Wicket & Kneesaa (21488)
1x Rebel Pilot (Wedge) (21489)
1x Clone Trooper (20833)
1x Sandtrooper (20832)
1x Darth Vader (97580)

Hasbro has already confirmed the Gamorrean, Ackbar, Luke, Wooof, Rebel Commando, AOTC Yoda, and Wedge. A new pop-up lightsaber R2-D2 would be fantastic. So would a new Wicket and Kneesa - but didn't they say they wouldn't be doing Ewok two-packs and wouldn't be producing characters from the original animations, especially not in realistic style? I hope this is true, but I'd also be fine with just a Wicket.