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Thread: June Hauls

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    June Hauls

    Can go here.

    By the time I actually receive them they'll be June hauls....

    Pandora Blueskins Tee
    My Son Tee

    Both from Teefury.
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    From HTS: Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster Iron Man and Titanium Man

    In the mail from a friend from WA:

    Legacy K'Kruhk, Shaak Ti, Jacen, Jaina, Utris, Spacetrooper
    Clone Wars Magnaguard

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    Star Tours Boarding Party pack

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    Human Alliance Bumblebee
    Back to the Future logo t-shirt from Kohl's.

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    From HTS

    Marvel Universe Colossus and Juggernaut

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    Toy Story 3 Twitch and Chunk 4" figures.

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    Went to a garage sale that had star wars figures advertised and found 3 Episode 1 R2-B1s, 2 tc-14s, and a holgraphic sidious all on card for $2 a piece and found a 12" Captain Tarpals and Kaadu for $5.

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    TRU EU wave Jaina and Jacen Solo from jedimastergeorge06. I'm pretty damned happy to get these.

    Thanks go to jedimastergeorge06!
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    Picked up a republic gunship (first release) for $25. Didn't really need it, but couldn't pass it up for the price. Included pilots and gun pods as well.


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