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    Exclamation Entertainment Earth "Beast" 4-pack...

    For any who are interested, Entertainment Earth has their Beast 4 Pack on sale for $29.99

    It includes:
    - Han Solo and Jabba
    - Jawa and Ronto
    - Dewback and Sandtrooper
    - Luke Skywalker and Taun Taun

    I thought it was a pretty decent deal so I wanted to pass the word on...

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    If it had the Luke with Wampa or the Han with Tauntaun then it would have been a super-duper deal!

    Btw, some TRU still have these beasts that you mentioned for $5.99 each.
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    I'd pay 29.99 for the Luke/wampa or han/taun taun alone.
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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    I'd pay 29.99 for the Luke/wampa or han/taun taun alone.

    I'd probably pay the same since I've never seen it in person before!
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    ...and then we got an even better Wampa a couple years later!!! LOL
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