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    HAVE:150+ modern figures and tons of vintage WANT: Galactic Heroes PICS GALORE added!

    Hello good peoples. Yes, it seems that my wife and myself have a new passion/addiction, Galactic Heroes. We have a nice pile thus far, but are in need of a LOT of others. We have NO vehicles, 'creatures', or many of the earlier figures. (Though we do have a few earlier ones before the brand took on the 'Galactic Heroes' moniker)

    In exchange for said Galactic Heroes figures and items, we have 150+ modern figures to offer, all are complete and mint, most with their backer cards and such. (My wife tells me that the majority are from "Legacy", that should mean something to those of you that are in the know, heh)
    Many are also from 2-packs, group sets, tin sets, and the like. I also have many doubles from the vintage Kenner line for swap as well. We have toys from many different lines, spanning the past 30 years, as well as video games from NES/SNES to modern, and many other various things to swap. I can of course provide pictures of any and everything that we have to offer, and of course seeing as how I'm the 'new guy' here I would of course ship FIRST in a trade situation. (Reputable businessfolk only please)

    Please PM me if you have any Galactic Heroes to swap or even if you just have any recommendations as to WHICH items from this line we need to get. (We are both PRETTY much into the same types of characters, except that I lean more towards the 'alien/weirdo/monster/Tatooine/Jabba's Palace' set and she favors female Jedis and certain characters from the three newer films)

    Thanks in advance and please take care and have FUN folks!


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    A friend of mine just moved to a new house and his son used to be a huge Star Wars fans (he has unfortunately moved on to Bakugan ). So I ended up with a couple of boxes of unwanted toys, to include several loose GH figures (about 16 figures and two speeder bikes).

    The list is:
    Endor Luke with Speeder Bike
    Biker Scout with Speeder Bike
    Darth Vader
    Chewbacca (with Stormtrooper blaster)
    C-3PO x2 - one with left arm raised, one with left arm lowered
    Ep3 Palpatine (all black robes)
    Shocktrooper x2
    Wedge Antilles
    Hoth Han Solo
    Luke Stormtrooper
    Ben Kenobi (hood up)

    I'm still digging through the boxes, so I might find some more.

    They're actually in really good condition considering that they came from a kid's collection, but I can get you a photo so you can see them for yourself if you are interested in any of them.
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    Galactic Heroes "Must Haves"

    Hi Dan. I recommend making sure you pick up the Clone Wars era Y-Wing Bomber, The CL Gunner Trooper and Rocket Battle Droid 2-Pack, The most recent General Kenobi w/Bent Arms and Trooper Armor, 4 Armed Grevious w/ Trooper Armored Kit Fisto, The Episode 3 Release Count Dooku, The Nien Numb/Admiral Akbar 2 pack, Yoda w/Arf Trooper, and of course the Falcon. For my money, these are the most fun and one's I'm enjoying the most these days...

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    Galactic Heroes Customs

    I have some extra GH figures to trade, like Endor Leia, Endor Rebel Trooper, Nikto, Wicket, Imperial Tie Pilot, Ep III Obi Wan, others...

    I also have lots of Galactic Heroes customs, including Qui Gonn, the Boga, lots of Ewoks, extra R2 units, custom Dewback, custom Gonk... I'd be happy to trade some custom guys for a couple vintage ewoks. I don't care about weapons, but I would hope they have their hoods...

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    Valentino and Barada, you both have PMs good sirs.

    Be well


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