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    Possible New Mortal Kombat?

    Trailer? Very little NSFW in it....


    I've heard it could be a new trailer for a reboot....or maybe a new trailer for E3 to promote a new video game?
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    Looks like it's a way-in-advance trailer for a movie coming in 2013, if the online buzz is correct.

    Personally, I think it's beautiful. It's like Helen of Troy riding a unicorn through a field of poppies under a double rainbow to the tune of "Eleanor Rigby"... and then tearing out the unicorn's heart and eating it while blood dribbles down her mouth. Kinda brings a tear to your eye.
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    Double post! Kiss my butt, Grimlock, uh, I mean, DarthQuack!

    Okay, not an advance trailer. This is a proposal of sorts by the guy who did the Fame remake (huh?), showing Warner Brothers (the current license holder) the direction he'd like to take the franchise in.

    Given that Mortal Kombat died storywise when the forces of Outworld came to Earth in #3, and they beat that dead horse for about thirty more increasingly mediocre games, I think it's a good idea.

    Liu Kang should definitely be in the movie, though. Without him, I don't know that it would work. And not that he's a favorite of mine or anything, but Stryker seems like he'd be a logical choice.
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    I hope it's filled with Babalities.

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    scorpion as the "hero" doesn't seem like it would work too well.

    as a movie trailer, there's no way the MPAA would ever approve that version to be shown.


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