What about the Clone Wars line's vehicles?

OK, let me see if I can explain this when I don't know anything

(No - seriously. I mean it. I don't know anything.)

Saga Legends -

  • includes figures everyone already has or didn't pick up the first time around from Darth Vader to Darth Revan, and lots of clones.
  • includes all vehicles either 1) not from the Clone Wars cartoon or possibly featured in it - from Jedi Starfighters that were also in the movies to things like the Republic Fighter Tank or 2) not put in retro-packaging just for the novelty of it all - like the redone Snowspeeder or BAT-AT that they could slap a Kenner label on just for the novelty of it).

Vintage Redeaux

  • includes 2 or 3 vehicles that would be Saga Legends, but they slapped a Kenner logo on it, and perhaps a picture of a child playing with the toy reminiscient of the way toys were presented in the '80's.

Clone Wars

  • The vehicle is new to the cartoon series like The Twilight could potentially be, if made into a toy.
  • The vehicle also appears in the PT as well as the animated series, so they can entince the kid Clone Wars fans or the CW completist with the packaging change - and maybe a deco change like the AAT Tank.

This being the case, it makes pretty good sense that I run the vehicle discussion threads in the Saga Legends forum like SirSteve prompted, because any vehicle could really appear there and the Expanded Universe includes much more than Clone Wars (which is limited to a particular era in its scope).

I am a genius and just plain brilliant for figuring this out in so many words AFTER SirSteve apparently and previously did.

All this proves is that I can almost think on his level if I type out a bunch of words and try and sound like I'm reasoning logically.

This (helps) explains why he's an executive (of the website) and I'm full of hot air.