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    No, this is a turd that looks like it was crapped out by a Sonic the Hedgehog game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    No, this is a turd that looks like it was crapped out by a Sonic the Hedgehog game.
    HA! I kept on saying to myself that I've seen something like that before and you hit it on the head.
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    i was thinking jurassic park as it looks like a dinosaur that can fly.

    No i don't want one and wouldn't buy one if produced.

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    I was going to post "yes, I'll buy anything from KOTOR", but then I actually looked at the thing and laughed. No, I wouldn't buy it, and I don't actually remember it from KOTOR either.

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    No, I would have absolutely no use for this and if even the KOTOR fans aren't supporting it, then it has no chance.
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    No thanks. It has the look of a late '90s/early '00s sci-fi RPG cover art vehicle, pretty generic and not very Star Warsy. More like Starcraft artwork. "But it's a 4-legged walker with a face of a thousand gun barrels!" ... exactly.

    That last pic attached looks especially like a robot shrimp.
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    This one is a big no for me. Even if I was into the EU stuff I'd probably still pass on this.

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    I will throw in a "yes" vote, but a figure pack-in would throw it out of the Starfighter league, but I would love to have something for Mandalore to ride.

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    The Mandalorian Battle Pod loses 6-9 at the time of this tally.

    It started out surprisingly strong. Votes can still be counted if anyone missed this poll. I'm sensing the audience is split on this one and it might still win, giving us our first KOTOR vehicle.
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