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    The Phantom Menace Is Most Lacking In New Figures

    I was looking over Hasbro's posters of all their figures they distribute at Comic Con each year.

    Since TAC (2007) there have been the following waves (of all-new figures):

    4 Expanded Universe
    4 ROTS
    4 ANH
    4 ESB
    4 ROTJ
    3 AOTC
    1 TPM

    What 20 or so all-new figures from TPM would you like to see made?

    For me:

    1 Queen Amidala black gown post-senate / Nute Gunray's arrest
    2 PK-worker droid
    3 Tey How
    4 Daultay Dofine
    5 Ithorian Senator
    6 Senator Aconda Far (Rodia)
    7 Sei Teria (Chancellor Valorum's aide)
    8 Wald
    9 Kitster
    10 Mahonic
    11 Ben Quadrinaros
    12 Wan Sandage
    13 Aldar Beedo
    14 Handmaiden (dark robes)
    15 Ark Bumpy Roose
    16 Rats Tyrell
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    A Wald/Kister two pack would be so wizard, and I can't think of any other figures yet to be made that I would want, because I doubt Sen. Griebleps [sp?] will ever become plastic'd. Aside from a super articulated Sio Bibble, of course!
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    There's a few other Senators like Mot Not Rob and Edcel Bargin that might make interesting looking figures.

    I imagine the vintage treatment will surely have the principals carded:

    Darth Maul

    Amidala will likely be only represented by the new AOTC Peasant Disguise figure or others from that source.

    However, all of the above could supply their Evolutions editions (Obi-Wan was the latest carded figure from Ep1 that was originally going to go in an Obi-Wan Evolutions set with the Ep2 figure and the ANH wave Old Ben one).
    I'm not sure, but Qui-Gon might still be improved upon.

    JarJar might get a new update, but I'd prefer his never-made-before appearance in Padme's apartment.

    Kid-Anakin is not likely to be released again for a while, Hasbro said in some Q&A. But 2-packed with Sebulba?

    The Battle Droid is always useful as an army-builder and doesn't change much. We'd all just appreciate stronger legs on a re-issued mold.

    Nute Gunray could be done with softgoods and come with the Mechno Chair, but they're not carding large accessories.

    There's also a Destroyer Droid that could be useful.

    A new Naboo Pilot with softgoods trenchcoat, or Panaka with softgoods and removeable hat?

    Watto again? On the new card, that is. Maybe Captain Tarpals or the latest Gungan Warrior re-carded.

    But the figures up for re-carding don't interest me that much. I completely prefer the list in my first post of never-made-before figures.
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    Okay. This is my list, so you know it will be extra-dorky. I actually like The Phantom Menace as a movie, and the whole Anakin beginning and even the (don't shoot mesa!) Gungans. So:

    1. A new Captain Tarpals. Super Articulated with his Gungan spear and a "boomba".
    2. A re-release of Sio Bibble, since I never found him.
    3. A super articulated Darth Maul with a better sculpted hood or a soft goods hood.
    4. A new Gungan warrior, maybe a re-release of the Fambaa one.
    5. A new Boss Nass witha better sculpted suit (One that doesn't resemble hollow chocolate) and the "Globe of Peace"
    6. Kitster and Wald! (Fo shizzle!)
    7. A new Qui-Gon
    8. A new Jar-Jar
    9. A Gungan kid (What. They're cute.)
    10. The remaining Pod Racers
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChukhaTrok76 View Post
    4. A new Gungan warrior, maybe a re-release of the Fambaa one.
    7. A new Qui-Gon
    Did you not like the 2009 Gungan Warrior? What about Evolutions Qui-Gon? I love the Gungan, so much that I bought four of them. But I would like to see it retooled without the protrusion on his belt that holds the horn, and perhaps they could replace it with different weapons, like a shield or cesta, and possibly spruce up the deco a bit. Then I'd also love to see it repainted with a blue tone to make a Gungan parade band member. I know it's not likely to happen, but it would be awesome.

    With the ending of the movie-themed waves, hopefully that means we'll see more TPM figures more often. I think I'll end up getting a few Vintage Collection figures to keep carded, probably including Darth Maul and maybe Qui-Gon, depending on how the final result looks.

    For now, here are some I really want to see made:
    *G8-R3 - The yellow R5 droid who tries to repair the shield generator on the Queen's Royal Starship. We have all the others, so it'd be a shame to not get one of the coolest-looking ones.
    *Queen Amidala - The unmade black outfit, which would be the final one, unless you count . . .
    *Padmé - . . . the orange handmaiden costume. It was made as Rabé, but I'd love a Padmé in the same outfit.
    *Mawhonic - The jock from Hok! The remaining pod racers are on my list, but he's the most noticeable out of the bunch. In the film, he looks like a normal-sized Gran, but some sources claim he's tiny; I'd be interested to see Hasbro's take on it.
    *Kitster and Wald - It's a no-brainer at this point.
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    There is not really much that would get me excited when it comes to new Ep1 figures.

    Although I would like to see resculpts of these characters just to get them on vintage style cards:
    Anakin Podracer Pilot
    Sebulba Podracer Pilot
    Queen Amidala Senate Gown
    Darth Maul
    Jar Jar Binks
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    Obi-Wan (can just put the 2009 version on a vintage card with an unlit hilt like he was shown with in the prototype pics)
    Qui-Gon (needs a new sculpt)
    Darth Maul (ball joint elbows, cloak, unlit hilt)
    Ric Olie (removable softgoods long coat)
    Anakin (include podrace helmet, backpack, naboo helmet)
    Tatooine Padme
    Final Battle Padme/Queen
    Jar Jar (SA update)
    Tarpals (SA update)
    Boss Nass
    Gungan Warrior with shield
    Battle Droid (best mold on a vintage card)
    Droideka (best mold on a vintage card)
    C-3PO (knee joints, podrace flag)

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    Tey How and some more Naboo Pilots are the top of my list.
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    The Phantom Menace Is Most Lacking In New Figures
    I'm thinking there is a reason for this. Most of the exciting figures have been done (and in some cases done to death). There's really only eight characters that do anything and two versions of droids, so I imagine it hard for them to throw in the random background character.
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    I'd like to see:

    SA Anakin Skywalker
    Jar Jar Binks
    Senator Palpatine (news to be updated)
    Naboo Starfighter Pilot (trenchcoat version)
    SA Captain Panaka
    Queen Amidala - black dress
    SA Darth Maul - soft goods
    Battle Droid - one that folds like in the movie
    Holographic Nute Gunray
    Holographic Rune Harko
    Kitster and Wald 2 packs
    Darth Sidious - the first was great at the time but needs an update
    Sebulba - needs to be SA
    Padme Amidala - Theed Battle SA
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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