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Thread: who opens?

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    Talking who opens?

    so tell me...who opens there toys like a real kid should and who leaves them in the boring packages?

    i open mine, incase you couldn't figure it out , although latley i've been trying to acquire a second one of some of the ones i like the most

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    I open everything, I don't have one single thing unopened.

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    Talking I do! I do! I do!!!

    I open all my toys. Sometimes I can't even wait to get them home!!! I only have a couple that I haven't opened because they are duplicates of ones I already have... like Holo Sidious and R2-B1.
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    Me I have one of the things in my collection. Yes I open,thats what they are for.If I didn't want to be able to touch them. I would just go to the store and just look at them. I collect for me,not to make money later on in life. Heck,I might not be here tomorrow so I enjoy them to day.
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    I open them all, i only have 2 in a package, R2 Holo Leia, and original ESB yoda. Wow, a whole 2. But i think it saves space, and it is much more fun that way.
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    Opening !!

    I used to keep them all in the package for some crazy reason... then one day I decided "what the heck..." I opened them and man - what a difference !! I'm like a changed man - now I only collect what I like, instead of buying everything with the SW logo on it and trying to perserve it like the Hope Diamond.

    Collecting is a lot more fun when you make it fun. My advice to the none opening sort... OPEN A FEW - it'll change ya !!
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    I open all my action figures display/play with 'em.However,I
    dont open promo items(i.e.TacoBell Toys) since they dont have
    much play value.
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    My collection is a mixed bag.
    Alot of the POTF2 stuff I have is opened, but from EP1-POTJ everything is carded. I am talking ALOT of toys (Also EU, SOTE, Flashback, Freeze Frame, etc).
    I am upto my ears in carded figs and I must admit there are alot I want to open. The ones I really like I buy multiples of to open and keep carded.
    I am NEVER going to get rid of my collection, but there is something about a SW fig in its card that I love.
    But dont get me wrongo, I love opening them and playing with them too.
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    I do both, I like to try to get 2 of each so I can admire the same thing loose and boxed at the same time.

    I play with my loose figures of course, who can't???
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    Of course I open! How are you supposed to play with them when they're in the packaging?
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