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    Repair advice for 12" GIJoes?

    My daughter has been playing "Barbies," which means she's also playing with her 12" Joes. A friend of hers--more the daughter of one of Mommy's friends than her actual friend--is a bit of violent little cuss, and for her "playing" consists of violently slamming things together and throwing them, despite any protests of the toy's owner.

    So, right now, the Barbies and Joes have been rescued and put up, and the only casualty seems to be the 12" ROC Cobra Commander (yes, the one I got for her less than a damn week ago ). There's absolutely no visible damage outside, but there's a constant loud rattle somewhere in the torso. I know there are a lot of little seemingly extraneous pieces of plastic in the small Joes, but know nothing about the big ones. And, so, I'm not sure if this is cause for concern, if the figure is just going to fall apart on her one day, or if there's an easy way to open the figure and solve the rattling.

    Anyone know if it's relatively easy to disassemble and re-assemble them? I don't want to try on one of her toys, especially one I might not find a replacement for anytime soon. Is the rattle, as I suspect, pretty harmless and probably not worth even bothering trying to fix?
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    The Hasbro 12" bodies are glued/welded together, no screws, which makes fixing them pretty difficult. That said, if you can wiggle the figure around until the offending part ends up in the PVC head, you could work the head off of the body using various customizing techniques, remove the broken piece (probably an internal tab or even possibly flash) and then put the head back on.
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