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  1. - Have you considered sealing magnets into figures' feet and including metal stands to avoid the numerous problems that have come up with footpeg holes over the years? Kotobukiya is doing that with their new ARTFX+ line of statue kits to great success, and although 3.75" figures are a smaller medium, magnetic feet would go well with your action figure line with all its challenges keeping figures standing.
  2. - We now have the deluxe Anakin with Desert Sport Skiff, and us old-fogey collectors who have been around since 1996 are quite surprised to see that accessory's return. It wasn't exactly popular back in the day, its styling wasn't that Star Warsy, and its wobbly guns didn't help much, yet now we have it back for a whole new generation of Star Wars collectors. The other 1996 deluxe releases - Crowd Control Stormtrooper, Han Solo with Flight Pack, and Boba Fett with Mega Jetpack of Doom - weren't exactly crowd-pleasers either, but will we be seeing any of them re-released? Though the idea of a small vehicle for Anakin makes sense, re-releasing this piece seems like such an odd choice. Could you guide us through the thought process on this one? Did the failure of the original influence the decision at all?
  3. - On the latest TIE Interceptor's packaging, the box art on the front has a highly-detailed ship which is not actually representing the toy, the back of the box imagery does that. However, while the new cockpit pod is a great improvement, that art highlights the wings being the same existing designs we've had for the last 3 decades, and their size and lack of detail really shows compared to the new pod. Granted, you've just released a TIE Interceptor so it's not like we're going to see new wings next week. But hypothetically, how far in the future might fans have to wait to get a set of updated TIE Interceptor wings to match the quality of the new pod?
  4. - With the 2008 Medical Frigate Luke figure, the figure almost fits the bill for Echo Base recovery scene Luke, if not for the open mechanical arm, and the different likeness with scars and Hoth hairstyle. That scene also has another character whose figure is in dire need of updating: 2-1B, who hasn't seen a new figure design in over a decade. With a Recovery Luke figure, it'd just be a new head required (the body and undamaged forearm tooling already exists from the VOTC figure) so you could also include the mask he wore in that scene's less-infamous cut footage (we're not asking you to make kissing Luke & Leia, you'll have to decide if you're twisted enough to go there ;-) ). So, any chances of knocking the Echo Base Recovery scene out of the park by making new 2-1B and Luke recovery figures?
  5. - Seeing as how the McQuarrie concept figures have been re-released in boxed sets to decent reception, has there been any consideration of doing a similar boxed set for the other concept figures out there? The Doug Chiang General Grievous, the Joe Johnston Snowtrooper, the McQuarrie IG-88, and the 2 Episode III concept Anakin and Ki-Adi-Mundi would make a nice 3rd set to the concept figure series, don't you think?
  6. - The Clone Wars series has given Hasbro the opportunity to release many cool vehicles that both collectors and kids have been asking for. These vehicles are especially great due to the fact that they work for both the animated and realistic figure line. Given the popularity of the series, what additional vehicles would you look to do from seasons 1 and 2? Are there any vehicles from the OT, PT, and EU that you would like to see used in season 3 so they could use that as a springboard to make their toys? (For example, would you like to see the StarViper/Virago show up in the show so you could make a Virago vehicle toy?)
  7. - The idea of the ball-hinge wrist has a lot of potential, but one of the drawbacks of using it on such a small joint is that it intrudes deep into the hand, using up space in the palm. That, in turn, ends up mangling some accessories, especially those clear-banded into their hands in the packaging, warping blaster grips to the point of making them bent and twisted beyond imagination. Was any consideration given to making the weapons fit that hand design, or just doing away with the wrist articulation on the first generation CW Clone mold which is still in use for some of the new Clone Trooper figures? Considering the aesthetic issue, the lack of space, and the greater expense, is this point of articulation pretty much dead after the CW Commander Stone mold takes over the rest of the new clone figures, or are there other animated or realistic figures that could still get this articulation in the future?
  8. - What's with the new smaller-hilt electronic role-play lightsabers Hasbro is now offering? These are in open-box packaging somewhat similar to the blasters, but far more compact, yet they aren't cheaper than other electronic sabers in the line. Are these smaller to better fit hands of younger kids, are they trying to be more accurate to the original props than previous Hasbro sabers? Don't they seem too small for the pricepoint, is there any concern they may cannibalize sales from the existing role-play electronic sabers, and why have open box packaging without a try-me feature?
  9. - Why is it that when figures, especially Jedi, have separate soft-plastic "skirts", some figures will have slits designed into the sides so they can enjoy a full range of hip motion for sitting, action poses, or piloting vehicles, while other figures with similar "skirt" elements do not have those slits up the sides? Examples of this immobile skirt design include the TAC ROTS Mace Windu, the very recent EU Jaina Solo, last year's Stass Alie. Those figures would all be better served with either a split plastic skirt, or a more free soft-goods skirt when costing allows it, wouldn't you agree?
  10. - The initial Force Unleashed figures were released well before the actual game, and many of the cooler figures sold quickly and were hard to find by the time the game was released. Of the major characters, the Jumptrooper, Evo Trooper, Vader, and Galen Marek have seen a few re-releases, while Juno Eclipse (sadly) still languishes on store shelves in many areas. One figure that was never re-released though is Rahm Kota, who was one of the first figures to vanish upon the initial release, and has since appeared in other Star Wars media, including a different video game. Given that he is likely to appear in a major role in The Force Unleashed II later this year and the 2 exclusive TFU 5-packs were released in May, are there any chances Kota might be re-released as a Greatest Hits figure, or perhaps even updated with a new, more actor-accurate and 'blinded' head sculpt, as well as a deactivated saber hilt for his shoulder scabbard?
  11. - The Clone Wars line has been a great addition to Star Wars collecting, but with all Hasbro's focus on Clone Trooper figures, there has been a lot of focus on command-level trooper figures (Gree, Cody, Rex, Bly, Stone, Thire) while lower-ranked clones, especially generic white clones, haven't seen pegs in a while. Will we be seeing more standard white grunts on pegs anytime soon to give the numerous commander figures more troops to lead? Running changes on headsculpts for grunts could make for a broader, more exciting collecting and army-building experiences, and you already have a broad library of head designs to choose from (which can be swapped in and out as needed elsewhere since they wouldn't be named-character clones), they could even be offered either as single packs or multi-packs. Will we be seeing the new helmet designs, the new Cmdr Stone armor designs, new headsculpts under the helmets, other weapons and accessories mixed into the grunt-level troopers put out there?
  12. - The prequels have introduced a number of new alien species to the Star Wars universe, and Hasbro has been good about making figures of most of them. Aside from pod race pilots which have already been discussed with Hasbro, there are several other visually interesting alien species that Hasbro hasn't yet added to the lineup including Roonan, Sarrish, Zeuolin, Holwuff, Tarnab and Sy Myrthian. While these are admittedly background stuff and mostly represented as senators in the films, as action figures they would add another dimension of unique aliens to the line. Can you tell us if any of these species will find their way into the lineup in the foreseeable future?
  13. - You've confirmed your interest in a modern update to vintage figure Lumat, and have also said that while it won't be in the next year, there will very likely be one in the not too distant future after that. Lumat will be the last vintage Ewok to get a modern upate. However, due to retcons and EU murkiness, the "Lumat" situation is complicated. The official word is that Lumat is a black & white striped Ewok, and the tan Ewok formerly known as Lumat as seen in the Kenner line has no canon name as of now. An Ewok that suspiciously looks like the vintage Lumat figure - from the expression, to the shape of the hood, to the bows and arrows - was released in different colors as Graak back in 2007 (colors that, coincidentally, are also that of the "new" Lumat character). So when you are talking about making a new Lumat figure, which will that be? A tan & brown repaint of Graak to fully update the original, or the new black & white character? If the original, will the tan & brown Ewok formerly known as Lumat get a new name?
  14. - While we know Hasbro doesn't control the retailer distribution on the products, might there be a way for Hasbro to exert a little more control over the retailers' handling of their exclusives? For instance, Wal-mart is notorious for incredibly uneven shipping, some stores getting mountains while others see none, with seemingly no basis in collector population in the area or kid sales (the upcoming Jabba the Hutt set is a high-demand item that is putting fear into collectors over distribution problems). Target meanwhile usually has more even distribution but will sometimes place exclusives on clearance just weeks after getting them, disappearing quickly and sometimes arbitrarily returning months later. And Toys R Us always seems to be swamped with their higher-priced exclusives while their lower-priced ones disappear instantly (the EU wave of Legacy Collection is a frustrating example of this). And none of them seem to allot enough of them to their online outlets for those who can't find product in-stores. While we're not against the idea of exclusives at all, it would be nice if Hasbro could convince any/all of your retail partners to be more consistent with exclusives. Is something like that possible, beyond the existing efforts you already have in place, or is it something beyond the scope of your powers?
  15. - In the past when there's been a new movie line to support, street dates have helped to hold back items until they can all be released together simultaneously, helping to build excitement for upcoming releases and to ensure a good amount of product on shelves to satiate casual consumer interest. That worked for the movie releases over the last 11 years, aside from a few stores that released products early. However, with Vintage Collection and the blue "shadows of the Dark Side" themed Clone Wars and Saga Legends products, stores have been under orders to not be put on shelves until the week of August 6. Why exactly are these late-Summer hard street dates chosen used when there's no entertainment releases to support them, especially when there's a lack of products in the previous year's lines in the first half of the year similar to what hindered the '08 hard-street-date release of The Legacy Collection? This year it seems to coincide with Hasbro's other main boys lines, Transformers and GI Joe, leaving stores' Hasbro shelves for these 3 major brands largely bare after months of no new product. Isn't it better to take advantage of the keeping the line's momentum going by releasing new product as it comes in instead of having them sit in the back room for up to months at a time (especially while some retailers and individual stores end up breaking street date anyway)?
  16. - We've seen several C-3PO figures over the years, but there's one relatively distinct version that has yet to be done in the modern line properly - battle-damaged 3PO from ESB. After he gets blown to bits on Cloud City, Goldenrod has a prominent blast mark on his chest, perhaps seen best while R2-D2 repairs him aboard the Falcon. Of course, such a figure would also have to feature a left leg removable at the knee (so Threepio could properly complain about everyone's "delusions of grandeur"), and a removable right foot as well. While a bit unorthodox of a figure to produce, it's one of C-3PO's biggest moments in the saga, so how about it? Is this version on your radar at all? And if not, what about making a new removable-limbs C-3PO making sure to accommodate those specific elements for the most ESB-accurate Threepio ever?
  17. - In a recent answer, you said that batch sizes for the last few waves of Clone Wars '09 were the same as previous waves so they didn't suffer from last-wave syndrome, and that slow releases of older figures were simply obscuring the releases of the newer figures, but that didn't address production numbers on specific figures. Some areas got almost no Hondo Ohnaka and Aayla Secura, and an even wider spread problem was a lack of Thi-Sen, Darth Sidious, TX-20, and Caped Magnaguard figures which were not included in their respective wave revisions so while the cases might have gone out to all areas, those great Clone Wars figures don't show any signs of actually getting the distribution they should have. As such, many fans across the country have been left without a chance at them. With the new '10 CW "shadows of the Dark Side" packaging theme now on shelves, its first 3 CW waves show no signs of those short-shipped figures. Will we be seeing some of '09's more sought-after figures such as those mentioned above make a return in the new packaging, and will they be produced in numbers good enough to not cause a repeat problem?
  18. - The new Vintage Collection C-3PO figure has some great sculpting and a nice shiny gold paint job, as well as plenty of articulation, it's a big improvement in those areas. However, the figure seems to have a larger overall issue, the size. While Lucasfilm claims 3PO is 1.67 meters tall and this figure is the right scale to that (1:19.2 is the 6' to 3.75" scale), the figure just looks way too small next to even Luke Skywalker figures, who in the films is actually roughly the same height as 3PO - as evident in ANH. Do you feel the figure turned out too small? It's not just height, even if you pop the torso joint out (which seems to be set deeper than the figure was designed for, making the black stomach too short and visually throwing the rest of the torso proportions off), the whole scale of the figure from the shoulder width, the thickness of the limbs, the size of the head, and of course the height seems to be a step down to 1:20, especially disregarding the Lucasfilm height for the character is 5' 4" which is clearly wrong since actor Anthony Daniels' height is 5' 7" outside the costume that adds a little height. Would there be any possible way to correct this figure's scale issues, perhaps through stereo-lithography, or would it require starting again from scratch with a completely new mold (which would be a shame considering how much promise this figure has otherwise)?
  19. - You recently stated that you were very interested in updating all of the Jabba's Palace/Skiff Guard figures from the vintage Kenner line. This brings up a question in regards to the vintage action figure of Barada. There has been some confusion as to who this figure actually represents and most collectors believe that he is actually Kithaba, the Klatooinian on the first skiff. However, on closer inspection it become pretty clear that the figure is sculpted to match the Barada character (since Barada is the only one of the two that wears a backpack), but is just painted incorrectly using Kithaba's color scheme. So, where would the Hasbro design team stand on this? Do you guys consider the vintage Barada figure to actually be Kithaba? And if/when it comes time to update this figure, exactly which Skiff Guard would we be getting?
  20. - The upcoming Vintage Collection Sandtrooper figure lacks all weathering. Originally when this figure's mold first came out last year, it was in the Dewback exclusive set and was the first use of the new ball-hinged hip joint design, so it had a lot of new tooling and we understood the figure's deco probably couldn't make the budget. But this is a re-release on basic card, and it's the basic line that's a dollar more than Saga Legends no less, a line that you've said you want to get every figure right the first time, you want no need for do-overs. There are no new tooling costs involved with this figure, and the card art shows a weathered movie sandtrooper's armor, and you've churned out plenty of clean sandtroopers over the last few years in the Saga Legends line, so another clean sandtrooper makes no sense. This wave isn't even particularly budget-heavy since only 2 figures are all-new and the others are just tweaks of existing molds, so why isn't this Sandtrooper figure coming out with any type of weathered deco?
  21. - Why do so many of your Rebel Hoth and Endor trooper figures have vandyck facial hair (a goatee and mustache)? The mustache-and-beard look can be seen on several Hoth and Endor Rebel figures, including the Rebel Commando from The Vintage Collection. The Mark Boudreaux-inspired Endor Rebel Trooper from 2002 makes sense, but why is this look chosen for so many others? Source material from ROTJ shows almost all clean-shaven troopers, while ESB shows a few mustaches but mostly clean-shaven as well. So far, we've seen it on four Hoth figures and two Endor figures. Granted, there are a few babyfaced troops in the line, but why don't we have more smooth-faced characters, and why not any with just a mustache, or perhaps a full beard? And why not more blonde-haired troopers? The source images show plenty in both regions.
  22. - Over the years, pretty much all of the core prequel heros and villains have gotten their own vehicles of some type to zoom around in and do battle, even some of the secondary Jedi characters. But a big exception is Asajj Ventress, who in the micro-series used the nifty and distinctive Ginivex-class Fanblade Starfighter, it's also been in some comics and books so that should break it out of Lucasfilm's "no micro-series items" edict. Starfighter-pricepoint vehicles are a big portion of Hasbro's Star Wars gameplan, and while the flow of new vehicles in it has been outstanding lately, there is definitely a mismatch of good-guy Republic starfighters to bad-guy CIS starfighters, with the CIS certainly not ruling the skies for kids and collectors. The vehicle is a unique design, built on a gimmick concept that also makes it fairly simple, mostly just a simple ball cockpit, very small engines, and the gimmick wing, so it might not be too difficult to deliver in the pricepoint. Bottom line, it's a new Starfighter vehicle, it has name character recognizability, it's a good co-sell to the large good guy library of vehicles, and it already is basically in the existing scale. Obviously, current entertainment would help a lot, and a recent trailer of Clone Wars season 3 appears to show the Fanblade starfighter for a moment, but we don't know for sure what the future holds in that regard. So, what are the chances of seeing Asajj Ventress' Fanblade Starfighter get added to the line?
  23. - Force FX has entered a new phase with the removable blade series, and so far we've seen the first couple waves. Thanks to Clone Wars, female characters are back on the rise in Star Wars and bringing in more female collectors - Ahsoka especially has been selling very well. What does the future of Force FX look like? What are the chances of Ahsoka's lightsaber being added to the Force FX line, better opening that market up to female consumers and getting Clone Wars main character recognizability?
  24. - After a year and a half of anticipation after seeing the package prototype at '09 Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair, the new Galactic Heroes AT-AT has finally hit market and is a very satisfying item. The toy has reignited fans' and casual consumers' interest in the Galactic Heroes brand, and has become a centerpiece for GH Hoth displays. With that in mind, what are the chances of getting more Hoth-themed Imperial figures to go with it, such as a re-release of the Snowtrooper as a 2-pack, and perhaps a Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike pack repainted to Hoth colors? There are lots of ideas possible, the AT-AT's release seems like a great reason to build GH Imperial Hoth armies, so how about it?
  25. - A lot of action figures in the various Hasbro boys toys lines use a soft type of plastic material - PVC we think - for a lot of their joints, especially thin peg joints like wrists, and ball-hinge joints like elbows. Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to the smaller joints sticking together, especially if the joint has paint on it as well, and even if the joint doesn't fail as soon as it's used, that stuck joint can often feel like it's moving properly right up until it tears off because of the amount of give in the thin PVC parts. It's obviously impossible to see this problem in-package, and frustrating when a hard-to-find figure breaks right out of the package since Hasbro customer service cannot guarantee an exact replacement and often has to substitute a different toy. Are you aware of this stuck joint issue? How common do you perceive it to be? Have you looked into any methods of totally preventing it happening? (This question came from someone who is sad that they tracked down the new Jabba the Hutt set only to have Oola's leg immediately break off, and right now the retailer shows no signs of having replacements since it's a hard-to-find exclusive.)
  26. - When discussed with Derryl at Comic-Con, the subject of the rubbery Clone Wars 2nd generation Grievous figure came up, and Derryl said the amount of feedback they've heard from fans about this figure being unable to stand up on its own may lead to it being retired after its initial run, and a return to the 2008 Grievous who stands for longer periods. However, this new Grievous is a better figure, and its problems are mainly only with the claws on its feet. Since the feet are already a separate piece of tooling, might you consider just redesigning the feet so that the main foot surface acts as the foot instead of the very small and rubbery claws? Visually, the claws would still be there, but they wouldn't be doing the lifting as they wouldn't go below the bottom of the main foot. Would something like that be feasible? We'd really like to see this mold salvaged, and while you're at it, you could move the shoulderpad pegs down so they look more accurate and don't pop off as much. We'd just hate to see such a cool figure as this go down in history as a missed opportunity when a few tweaks might save it, wouldn't you agree?
  27. - Despite several denied fan requests for an update of her "classic" look in the basic line, as well as a flat out "not happening" for the somewhat necessary inclusion in the Galactic Heroes line (considering we have the other two in the classic trio) some fans are getting the idea that Hasbro has something against Sy Snootles. Does she rank up there with Ben Quadinaros, Jaxxon, and Jocasta Nu as being too far out there, or are those fans just reading too much into your lack of movement on this? Has Lucasfilm had any role in your decision not to pursue anything representing the classic puppet, or is there hope that we can convince Hasbro to change their stance? Now that the Vintage line is back this would be a perfect opportunity to get this classic alien into the hands of collectors, even if not as a basic figure but an exclusive. Consider that the existing Sy Snootles figure has some of the most useless articulation ever, its pose is incredibly awkward, and its paint is the only one of the band to be this inaccurate. We're not even asking for Max Rebo's organ to be corrected with the horn on top, just a better Sy Snootles. Shouldn't the frontman of the band get the best figure instead of the worst?

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