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    Someone Should Make A "cardback" Of All The Modern Figures Replacing The 102 Original

    I have a Photoshop project for only the best, most enterprising person (with time on their hands) to tackle.

    I designed the look for a "Kenner-style" cardback showing all the modern figures arranged like an '80's cardback (see picture of one below - but I'd recommend blue for the new cardback, similar to the way ESB cardbacks were done). Someone could edit the pictures of the modern figures in and make a great poster!

    I changed the order of the figures via a new strategy for displaying them.

    Left-to-right in rows approximating ANH, ESB, and ROTJ, the columns go:

    Luke, Han, Leia, Droids, Jedi, Imperials, Sith - with variation rows such as:

    Luke, Han, Leia, Droids, Cantina

    Luke, Han, Leia, Cloud City, Bounty Hunters, Imperials

    Luke, Han, Leia, Rebel Alliance, Ewoks, Imperials

    Luke, Han, Leia, Jabba the Hutt's gangsters

    I count 102 original vintage MOVIE figures, noting that the vintage cardbacks would remove older versions of C-3PO and R2D2, not show both Snaggletoothes, the Max Rebo Band Members, or count Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb even though they were characters and not creatures.

    In rows of 10, 102 figures could be displayed to create an easy visual reference guide to the best updates for the modern figures by this order (leaving 5 blank spaces so one can fill them in with pictures later when those figures get made):

    Luke-Han-Leia-Chewie-R2D2-C3PO-Obi-Wan-Death Squad Cmdr-Stormtrooper-Vader

    Luke Xwing-Tusken Raider-Jawa-Blue Snag-Red Snag-R5D4-Gonk-Walrusman-Momaw-Greedo

    Luke Bespin-Han Hoth-Leia Bespin-Lando-Bespin Security-FX7-Yoda-RA7-Snowtrooper-IG88

    Hoth Rebel-Hoth Reb Cmdr-Lobot-Ugnaught-C3PO RL-21B-Dengar-Bossk-Imp Crdr-Boba Fett

    Luke Hoth-Han Bespin-Leia Hoth-Black Besp Gd-Cloud Cr Plt-R2D2 Sens-Zuckuss-4LOM-ATAT Cm-ATAT Dr

    Luke Jedi-Leia Boussh-Lando Skf-Ad Ackbar-Endor Reb-G Madine-Chirpa-Logray-Royl Gd-TIE Plt

    Han Endor-Bwing Pilot-Nien Numb-Prune Face-Teebo-Wicket-Bib F-Imp Dig-Emperor-Biker Scout

    Luke Troopr-Han Carb-Leia Endor-Lando G-R2 LSaber-Lumat-Gamorr-ATST-Anakin-DS Gunner

    Luke Endor-Awing Plt-Paploo-Warok-Romba-Klaatu Skf-Nikto-Klaatu-Amanaman-Barada

    Sy Snoot-Droopy-Max-Rancor Kpr-8D8-EV9D9-ReeYees-YakFace-Tessek-Weequay

    Jabba the Hutt, Salacious Crumb

    In case anyone else wants to tackle this project, here are the links to the figures I thought would look best:

    (please be sure to credit Rebelscum's photographer(s) since their work made this possible)

    In BOLD are figures that have not been re-made (the right characters because yes I know there are 2 Imperial Dignitaries and tons of Hoth Rebel Soldiers, etc). Like I said - I'd save space for them so you can add them to your image in another year or so.

    Anyway, who wants to make this? Steve should post it on the mainpage when it's done for sure!

    (97 of 102 have now been made).

    1) Luke

    2) Han

    3) Leia

    4) Chewie

    5) R2-D2

    6) C-3PO

    7) Obi-Wan Kenobi

    8) Death Squad Commander

    9) Stormtrooper

    10) Darth Vader

    11) Luke X-wing

    12) Tusken Raider

    13) Jawa

    14) Blue Snaggletooth

    15) Red Snaggletooth

    16) R5-D4

    17) Power Droid

    18) Walrusman

    19) Hammerhead

    20) Greedo

    21) Luke Bespin

    22) Han Hoth

    23) Leia Bespin

    24) Lando

    xx) Bespin Security Guard (not yet made – NO PICTURE)

    25.5) FX-7

    26) Yoda

    27) Death Star Droid

    28) Snowtrooper

    29) IG-88

    30) Boba Fett

    xx) Hoth Rebel Soldier (not yet made – NO PICTURE)

    31.5) Hoth Rebel Commander

    32) Lobot

    33) Ugnaught

    34) C-3PO Removeable Limbs

    35) 2-1B

    36) Dengar

    37) Bossk

    38) Imperial Commader

    39) AT-AT Driver

    40) AT-AT Commander (General Veers)

    41) Luke Hoth

    42) Han Bespin

    43) Leia Hoth

    44) R2-D2 Sensorscope

    45) Black Bespin Guard

    46) Cloud Car Pilot

    47) 4-LOM (actually Zuckuss)

    48) Zuckuss (actually 4-LOM)

    49) Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot

    50) Emperor’s Royal Guard

    51) Luke Jedi

    52) Leia Boussh Disguise

    53) Lando Skiff Guard

    54) Admiral Ackbar

    55) Endor Rebel Soldier

    56) General Madine

    57) Logray

    58) Chief Chirpa

    59) Biker Scout

    60) Emperor Palpatine

    61) Nien Numb

    62) Han Endor

    63) B-wing Pilot

    64) Prune Face

    65) Teebo

    66) Wicket

    67) Bib Fortuna

    68) Imperial Dignitary (not yet made – NO PICTURE of the correct one – other 2 made)

    68.5) Death Star Gunner

    69) AT-ST Driver

    70) Anakin Skywalker’s Ghost

    71) Luke Stormtrooper

    72) Han Carbonite

    73) Leia Endor

    74) Lando General

    75) R2D2 Lightsaber Launch

    76) Lumat (not yet made – NO PICTURE)

    76.5) Paploo

    77) Gamorrean

    78) Weequay

    xx) Klaatu (Woof) (not yet made – NO PICTURE – though this one is coming soon)

    79.5) Nikto

    80) Klaatu Skiff

    81) Luke Endor

    82) A-Wing Pilot

    83) Warok

    84) Romba

    85) EV-9D9

    86) 8D8

    87) Squid Head

    88) Rancor Keeper

    89) Ree-Yees

    90) Barada

    91) Droopy McCool

    92) Sy Snootles

    93) Max Rebo

    94) Yak Face

    95) Amanaman

    96) Salacious Crumb

    97) Jabba the Hutt
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