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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 5!

    The Dog Fight has returned as tonight’s featured match on The Battle of the Machines!

    The Galactic Empire’s TIE Interceptor features highly detailed sculpted solar panels, split in two, with each tip mounted with a laser cannon designed to let the pilot capture a target in a crossfire between at least 2 cannons at any time. At the touch of a button, either solar panel can be ejected off to simulate battle damage to recreate the climactic clash over the Death Star II. The Interceptor also includes one pilot figure, a slight variation of the TIE Fighter Pilot collectors found carded a few years ago.

    The Rebel Alliance’s A-Wing starfighter boasts 2 pivoting laser cannons, which can be extended out slightly, to allow them to pivot almost 360 degrees and possibly allow the craft to shoot behind it in battle. A remote lever activates the canopy which opens to seat one Green Squadron pilot, figure included. This is the only way collectors have been offered a Green Squadron pilot from the Battle of Endor. On its underside, the A-Wing fighter has another remote control over the little ship’s landing gear – a triple strut package that all extend out from their in-flight housing.

    So which ship is going to survive the battle and make it into the Quarterfinals when we decide what is the all-time best, Hasbro Star Wars vehicle? The A-wing or the Interceptor: you decide!

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    Re: The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 5!

    Wow, a really tough one this time Tycho. Both ships are great, other then the battery compartment extension on the rear end of the Tie. After all these years you think they would have gotten rid of this. I do like the design of the Interceptor better, and the molded solar panals are a massive improvment of the vintage's stickers. The pilot is nothing special, other then the bending knees that the ship doesn't accomidate anyway.

    Now as for the A-Wing Starfigher, It's a great looking ship. Not to mention the A-Wing was/is one of the most wanted vintage vehicles. The painting and detailing on the ship looks great, and the old batter compartment underneath is atleast well hidden. Plus it can be used in play as a cargo storage area on the ship. But the pilot looks great, and I wish Hasbro would give us a carded version for dioramas.

    All in all I still have to back the TIE Interceptor, I just like the look of it, and I often considered in the 80's buying one, but I got figures instead. Luckily Star Wars came back and gave me another chance at this ship. Like I said Tycho, the choice was a tough one. But if it had been the TIE Bomber vs. The A-wing there would have been no contest at all.

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    AAAAAAAA! (sounding like the Fonz)

    By far the A-wing. It's sleek styling and shape lends itself to space craft design. Nevermind that you have the feeling that it's reminiscent of today's fighters. it's fast, manuverable and has a small profile. While some of the same things can be said for the interceptor....drop one of each from a roof of a house and more often than not the a-wing absorbs the more damage, while the Squint (interceptor,named from the x-wing novels) wings will break or fall off. If we are going by just the toy standard this should be a no brainer. it boasts an "exclusive fig" while you can by a tie pilot anytime.

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    vote for the a-wing.
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    I have to give it to the TIE Interceptor on this one, even though I like the A-Wing also.
    There is just something about the TIE Interceptor. It is a sleek, effective ship for the Empire.
    More effective and powerful than the standard TIE fighters, the Interceptor packs more punch for the bad guys.
    Just the outline of the ship, its shape, look, style etc. is impressive.
    My vote goes with the Interceptor.
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    I gotta give my props to the A-Wing on this one. Although the TIE/I is more appealing to the eye, there's no comparison between actual toys themselves (which, by the way, is what we're voting on; not which one is faster or whatever from the movies). All the TIE/I has going for it is the included pilot (which, at a $30 price tag, should be included) and blow off wings which we already have with the OG TIE.

    The A-Wing has the moveable lasers, the remote-opening cockpit as well as the flip down landing gear. The bonus is the exclusive Rebel pilot. What makes this one much better than the TIE/I TRU exclusive is the features and the durability. Just handling the spongy wings on the TIE/I makes me feel like it's going to just come apart.

    Going beyond the features we have price. I don't recall what the original cost of the A-Wing was, but I bet it was less than the $30 cost of the TIE/I. I ended up getting one at TRU at the $5 final clearance price. Plus it wasn't an exclusive; you could get one at KB or other stores.

    The bottom line is that the A-Wing kicks the TIE/I's A anyday.
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    oh baby! a-wing all the way!

    speed for speed, these two bad boys are equally matched. however, the a-wings got shields, while the interceptor rely's only on it's speed and manuverability to avoid being blown to bits!

    as an added plus, the a-wing's gots them 360 degree rotating cannons, so any attack from the back, rotate and fire!

    and if the a-wing does git into trouble, safety's only a hyperjump away! or even an atmospheric safe landing, can't do either in an interceptor.

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    The landing gear on my A-Wing never worked properly, and the canopy lever malfunctions too. That pilot has a hard time getting into the cockpit with the canopy floppin' around

    The Interceptor (which I don't even have) gets my vote by default!

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    There is no particular reason I voted for the Interceptor. The Empire is just a bunch of bad mofo's.

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    Like a lot of people I like both. But I've got to go with the Interceptor. Reason: I flipped a coin (just kidding), its because I see more improvement from vintage to the modern version.
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    The TIE Interceptor toy could have been so much better than what we got. Another loosey-goosey sticker for the cockpit, loosey-goosey wings, and a loosey-goosey head on the pilot to match. The cockpit is a 24-year-old design that never was that accurate, and while the wings aren't too shabby, the main pod has got to go. And don't forget that the pack-in figure is merely a resculpt (with a dopey loose head).

    The A-wing, on the other hand, comes with an all-new-sculpted figure, and the vehicle is in scale with figures. The A-wing is way more accurately designed, has a great paint job, and 2 cool gimmicks that work on the 2 that I own (though I can't speak for the rest of yours).

    The A-wing is 10 times the toy the TIE Interceptor is, as I see it.
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