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    2010 Saga Legends Found

    I just found the new Saga Legends in the new packaging at Smith's Market Place in Salt Lake City, UT. This is a Kroger Company Store which is essentially Fred Meyer. They had the new Clone Wars Figures as well. They were priced at $5.79 each as they still have a few of the "happy Organa couple" and a few other Legacy peg-warming favorites. I've posted pics of a few of them below... I had just ordered the CW figures from the other day... oh well.

    I think the new packaging looks great on the pegs.

    EDIT: after opening Bossk , I noticed that he came with the same blasters that the previous Saga Legends came with. If you look at the loose image of Bossk on this page, he is shown with a different set of blasters; Greedo however, came with a different set of blasters, but not necessarily the ones shown in his picure...strange

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    Those orange accents set off the blue cards pretty nicely. Definitely a good use of contrasting colors to "energize" the overall card design. While the card game might be a silly gimmick, they do a good job of filling that bubble to make it look like a better value. Combine all that with the large reference photos, this might be one of the better card designs I've seen in the modern line so far.

    Unfortunately, with this line being $1-2 less than TVC and appearing to be a much better value, that doesn't really fill me with a lot of confidence for the success of TVC.

    Anyways, I'm buying Bossk for sure.
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    [FONT=Courier New]Thanks for the pics and the info. Fred Meyer here in Portland had the SL's figures up before the street date when the line reset in Summer 2008, and I loaded up on SBD's and Phase I clones. Those weapon lockers were AWESOME![/FONT]
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    [FONT=Courier New]Bummer about the guns shown in the pics aren't the one included with what you got. I was hoping to get some extra Republic Commando blasters with the Bossk and IG88 that I ordered from TRU this week.[/FONT]
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    Saw the Obi-Wan repack today at my local TRU. The picture on the card showed the 2005 E3 Obi-Wan but the figure in the package was the Obi from 2002 AOTC with the mullet and little articulation. I know that 2002 Obi is the figure scheduled for release, but I wonder why the call was made for the E3 pic and E3 bio on the character on the package.

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    So I opened the Leia in disguise last night and she did come with the Republic commando blasters as seen in the loose image on this page. Very strange indeed. Ando, you'll have to let us know if the Bossk and IG-88 you get come with the blasters in the pics or not. I have opened 3 new SL figures so far.
    -Leia had the correct set blasters
    -Bossk had a completely different set of blasters.
    -Greedo had mostly the correct set, but included the DC-15 Blaster Rifle and not the left/bottom pistol shown in the picture on this page.

    The wrong card art with Obi-wan is interesting too. Strange things are afoot with Saga Legends this year...

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    They do look pretty great in the packaging.
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    Just out of curiosity, what do the weapons come in this time? Are they in similar weapons lockers, or something different altogether?
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    Nice finds, sonofsokol. Can you send me the link to that wonderful looking website behind the figures?

    I'll look, but not hunt, for some of these figs as I'm in and around stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    Just out of curiosity, what do the weapons come in this time? Are they in similar weapons lockers, or something different altogether?
    No weapons lockers this time. They come in a small plastic bag that is taped closed. They are located behind the game card with the stand. The locker was cool, but my kids just ended up flattening them anyway. I like that they come with a stand. I can already see that I will have quite a collection of game dice after this is all said and done. Maybe we'll have to come up with a list of other uses for SL and CW game dice.

    I am sorry that the quality of the pics is crumby... when you see them on the pegs in "real life" they really do stand out and look great. The difference between the SL and CW is pretty obvious based on realistic vs cartoon images on the card, but I am sure they will get mixed up pretty well regardless.

    Oh and BCJ, I can't remember the exact address of that website in the background. My computer goes there automatically when I log onto the interweb

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    So I purchased and opened an IG-88 today and he came with the same pack of blasters as Greedo from my original post. This is not the set shown in the photos provided by Hasbro a while back. He is pictured with the set that has the Republic Commando blasters... Oh well.

    This is my first IG-88 and my first Bossk since the original figures when I was a kid... I am blown away by these 2; they are outstanding figures.

    Edit: I decided to open my phase I clone. He came with the weapons pack with the republic commando blasters in it. Again, different than the pre-release pics.

    So far here is what I have found:
    Bossk: Pack A
    Boushh: Pack C
    Greedo: Pack B
    IG-88: Pack B
    Phase I Clone: Pack C


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