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    Question ever see an ET-Senator figure?

    Will we ever see an ET-Senator figure? I hope so.
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    I do not think that we will ever get one. Probably with legal issues, but I personally would love one. It would make a great 2-pack with Yarua the Wookie Senator. I have made a custom of the ET Senator which turned out pretty cool.
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    Custom? oh wow

    Can you show him?
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    I would personally love an E.T. Senator figure. It would be so great to see the force file for that puppy. "Join E.T. in all his issues....and...getting left behind on planets by the rest of his species." He could also come with a pasty-white-dying on the bathroom floor-variant.

    The kids'd love him!
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    Hehehehe it would be cool to see an ET figure...with his gun and all, i also liked the idea of the two pack with the Wookie Senator.

    Just imagine the difference in sice between the wookie senator and ET!! Im up for it.
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    Legal issues? George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are chummy enough to continually give each other "nods" in the movies. It would be my guess that they could get over a little legal issue like rights to an action figure. I don't know who holds the license for E.T. toys, but even if it is not Hasbro, I think the two toy companies involved could work something out...IF they wanted to.
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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    Legal issues? George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are chummy enough to contiually give each other "nods" in the movies.
    A quick glimpse of ET or a kid in a Yoda costume are one thing, and I think they're really nice touches. But an actual profit-producing piece of plastic is another. (Apologies for the tongue-twister; I couldn't resist.) It comes down to how chummy Fox and Universal are. I doubt it'll happen, but I won't say I wouldn't like to see it happen.
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    Aren't they re-releasinf ET in theatres next year/ If so wait 'til that comes out and see if they make new et figs for the re-release.

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    If they ever make the Star Wars ET figure, i bet they wont name it "ET senator", instead they would give the figure a new name and background.
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    Stillakid... where the hell did THAT come from??....??

    I think we could very easily see an ET Senator figure. Like was said before, George and Steven are chummy enough. I doubt if they've seen each other naked before. If they have, I don't wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH! !!

    !@#$ Stillakid, now I'm gonna have nightmares!!
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